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Coastal DIY sailboat ornament

To make the Sailboat Ornaments you will need the following items:

(6) 3 inch glass craft ornaments
1 bag of blue crushed shells (found in most craft stores)
wood skewers
small rubber hair bands (or orthodontic bands used for braces)
a piece of white cardstock or printer paper
hot glue gun
gardening trimmer
very narrow tweezers or jewelry making pliers

Sailboat ornament DIY

Step 1) Use your gardening trimmer to cut wooden skewers into 2 lengths. One will be  5 cm. (that will be the mast) and the other skewer should be cut to 3 cm. (this will be the boat).

Step 2) Now grab 2 tiny rubber bands. I used my kids’ leftover bands from their braces! You can also find small elastic bands in the beauty section of any store, but braces bands work best. Slide one band over the 2 skewers

Step 3) Rotate the shorter skewer one full turn and hold securely. 

Step 4) Still holding the skewers securely, slide the 2nd band over the two skewers as pictured below.

Step 5) Let go and the boat base will pop into a horizontal position, which should be perpendicular to the mast.

Step 6) Cut out a paper triangle sail out of card stock or printer paper. Feel free to color it if desired. Place a small amount of hot glue to the back of the mast and glue the sail to it.

Step 7) Fill the bottom of your ornament with the crushed shells (Don’t add too much at first. You can always add more later). The reason why I used 3 inch glass ornaments vs. larger ones, is because these shells will make your ornament heavy!

Step 8) Twist the “boat” skewer so it is aligned with the mast (like in step 4) and start inserting it into the ornament opening. It will pop back in place as soon as it clears the opening.

Gently bend and tuck the paper sail so it will fit into the opening. Hold the top of the mast with your needle nose pliers or tweezers and insert the sailboat into the shells, pushing all the way to the bottom or until the “boat” part is sitting on top of the shells (water).  The shells should hold it in place. Use the pliers to adjust the position.

sailboat ornament diy final step

A holiday coastal DIY the whole family will enjoy. Maske these adorable coastal sailboat Christmas ornaments with us.


Sand And Sisal Sailboat Ornament DIY

Driftwood Mirror

When you’re redecorating, you’ll want a plan for each room that you’re giving a makeover. In this series, we’ll offer ideas for coastal décor in each room of the house, starting with the bathroom.

Your Best Friend

In the bathroom, your best friend is the water. This is one room where people will expect to see the sea, and if you’re not doing the whole house, but still want a bit of seaside style, this is where it’s easiest to incorporate it. Use a few accessories near the sink to make a statement, consider a mirror with a border, put up a complementary wall hanging, and make sure the shower curtain matches.

Your Biggest Challenge

What’s the bigger challenge in a bathroom—the lack of space or the lack of natural light? Coastal style is about creating a light, breezy atmosphere just as much as it is about the seaside décor. With a small space like this, you’ll need to stick to very light colors and neutrals to open it up—this isn’t the place for deep or navy blues—especially if the bathroom doesn’t have any windows. Keep your theme tight (e.g. just seashells or just ships, not both) and understated. Too many accessories will make a small space seem cluttered. Bathrooms are about utility; don’t make yours hard to use with too many decorations.

When you’re going for coastal décor in the bathroom, be sure to check out the home accents at

Coastal Christmas Anchor DIY


If you want to make an anchor wreath of your own, you will need thick metal wire, wire clippers or scissors, twist ties, and a 9 foot garland.


First, bend your wire to create the desired shape. I used one long continuous piece to form a large anchor outline. Remember that it will be covered with garland, so you do not want any small or intricate details.

Next, place your garland over the shape. I ended up cutting 4 lengths – 2 pieces the height of the center line of my anchor, and one for each of the horizontal lines. I used wire cutters to cut my garland and the twist ties to connect it to my wire in various spots. I love these twist ties that actually look like garland themselves – I got them at Michaels but any twist ties would do.

Finally, I added some small red ornaments to the greens. They add a little extra bit of festivity to this coastal holiday wreath.

This easy coastal Christmas DIY is a great sea inspired addition to your holiday decor. Christmas anchor DIY to add some coastal cheer to your beach house decor.


Christmas Anchor

WoW! Sooooooooooo beautiful!
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So sorry to hear of his passing ... he certainly looked like someone who was full of life. Prayers offered for those that were touched by his passing.
-   2 weeks ago -
This looks good will be making this could use shrimp or salmon
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