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A classic wooden Maui Surfboard long enough to ride the wave off Waikiki or Malibu yet just short enough to casually lean into a corner of your living room, study or den. Made of laminated strips of selected light woods. Three fins are included for stability and finished with a thin epoxy skin allowing use on that tropical beach that is calling you! 

Fathers Day Gift Guide: Unique and enduring, whimsical but not silly, upscale but not pretentious. Our natural sea-inspired style shines though every piece we offer - it sets us apart and makes a gift for your special father both welcome and memorable. Featured above is the Captain's Compass that every dad will love!This fully gimbaled boxed compass is a faithful replica of a dory compass. Stacks of dories were sailed to the great banks and single fishermen set with fishing line and victuals for a day. 

Let your dad sping the world on this Father's Day and enjoy a touch of true history with our World Globe - Natural Tones, a classic French globe stand in a rich and perfect match of ebonized wood and bronze, carrying a globe based on the 1627 map drawn by Hondius.

This Brass Telescope Mounted on Rosewood Tripod makes a great accent for any home. Perch it by your window for star gazing. The telescope is made from instrument quality brass and the rich rosewood stand has adjustable legs with solid brass fittings. Magnifies 20X.

Dad's love the lived in look, he'll want something solid. Lived in and comfortable. Warm and rich looking. Soft and easy to the touch as if waxed and polished by generations of housemaids. Boxes to hold documents and treasures. Brass campaign corners to survive damage during challenging moves across the country or even oceans. After all, our furniture is made to travel well. This Wood Wine Crate will not disappoint and looks great all by itself as a piece of decor. 

The ideal gift for dad to bring out the burgundy, light a pipe and set this Vintage Tic-Tac-Toe Game up. Glints of exquisitely varnished cherry, matching aged bronze, hand blown oversized marbles complete the palette. Independently beautiful and can be taken on the go!

The Captian's Spyglass consists of a wood barrel holding an objective, a system of lenses. It is protected by brass collars and a decorative brass cap. Any father will appreciate this practical work of beauty.

Time is on your side when displaying our Nickel Hour Glass! This exquisitely formed sand clock makes an interesting and unique conversation piece and is fully functional. The glass vessels hold sand that measure out one full hour. A well-crafted metal frame complete with rubber washers hold and support the glass vessels. 

Our Sailing Ship is a 1900s Racer Columbia, strong and commanding presence at relatively low cost and is a stunner in the home.

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What is sea glass?

Sea glass is a stunning combination of nature and man. It is formed from bottles, jars and glass that have been tossed out to sea, then tumbled by the ocean to create gems of all different colors that will eventually wash up onto shore. Unlike traditional gems, sea glass is made in reverse as it is originally made by man and transformed into smoothed out frosted glass worn by the waves.

At Our Boat House, we love to incorporate sea glass into home decor. Whether it's adding sea glass aquas, blue and greens through throw pillows, wall decor or our best selling sea glass balls. These coastal hues evoke a serenity that can only be found by the sea. 

How long does it take for sea glass to be formed?

It usually takes up to 20-40 years for sea glass to transform into the characterized shape, texture and color. The slickness of the glass will eventually wear away and the sharp edges will become rounded after many years of being tumbled in the ocean waves.

Where does sea glass come from?

Most sea glass originates from bottles but can also be from glass jars, pottery, windshields or windows, the source of origin determines the color of the sea glass. Most common or brown, green, white and clear. The less common colors include jade, amber, blue, light green and the rarest is orange or red.

Sea glass is becoming increasingly less popular due to all of the plastics we use and the recycling of glass/aluminum. Now that society is more contentious of mother earth and the ocean it’s becoming hard to find a beach scattered with sea glass.

Are there different types of sea glass?

Every single piece of sea glass is unique to itself, that’s what makes it so special! You can sometimes find bigger pieces like a bottle top of a beer bottle or the bottom round of a bottle.

Warmer months have finally arrived and with that always brings visitors. It can be stressful trying to make everything perfect in order to create a memorable time for your loved ones. A great place to start is with the guest bedroom. Creating a space where your guests can feel at home even miles away will not go unnoticed. We’ve chosen a project we did for a client as an example.

When starting out we knew we wanted a relaxing vibe, something for our friends and family to walk into after a long day of traveling and sigh out of relief. We decided on a white and pale blue color palette. The color light blue evokes a feeling of peace and serenity, exactly what we’re going for! Being careful to chooose only some pieces in the blue color scheme and the rest in white, an inherentely positive color which is associated with new beginnings, possibilty and goodness. Who doesn't love some fresh white linens? There's really nothing quite like it - think a freshly made hotel bed!

Featuring our new Casey King Bed, we explore with the way hard materials can take on softer, more organic inspirations to create something brand new. Slightly irregular swoops, curves and flourishes keep everything airy and light. The open framing offers a sense of calming motion and adds instant appeal to bedroom spaces.

On either side is the White 3-Drawer Nightstand which is ideal for this relaxed guest bedroom. Offering casual style and cottage flair, this nightstand features solid mahogany construction. 

To add a bit of elegance and a more modern look we chose the Atlantis Glass Table Lamp with a parchment white shade and silver plated brass accents.

With that same mindset we knew we wanted a statement chandelier piece to hang over the bed making the guests really feel like they're on vacation. You could say the White Blooms Chandelier is the crowning jewel of the room! Hundreds of delicate white blooms are strung together on the quatrefoil-shaped frame of the Vanessa basin chandelier, making for a beautiful decorative moment.

Seating in your guest bedroom is something a lot of people skimp out on but it really is a must have. The guest bedrom also happens to be the only private retreat space for visitors when they just want to just chill out so really the Wright Swivel Chair is a deal-breaker and ideal for relaxation. 

Whether they have to make a personal call, get some work done or relax and read a book, the Collins Chair is also a neccesity.

To tie it all together we went with the Diamond Hand-Knotted Wool Rug. Comfort is one of the most important elements when creaing an inviting guest room. There's nothing worse than guests getting out of bed to their feet hitting a hardwood floor. Opt for a deliciously plush rug to create an oasis of calm in your bedroom like our extra long shaggy hand-knotted wool rug.

As for finishing touches you can go above and beyond to make your guests feel at home. Create a welcome basket with toiletries they might have forgotten, I've had a friend do this for me and I haven't forgotten it, so thoughtful! Incorporating cozy throws, lots of fresh linens/towels ready upon their arrival and candles burning yummy scents will create a hotel-like vibe your guests will never want to leave. And last but not least fresh flowers are a must! 

Send in photos of your guest bedroom makeover!

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