Window Treatments

Select from a variety of sheer curtains, linen curtains and neutral curtain panels to brighten up any room by allowing natural light inside. Pair any of these with our hardware and complete the look or add a roller shade for complete privacy.


Curtain Panels

It is important to consider width when measuring for curtain panels. Panels that are too narrow for larger windows can create a look that’s out of proportion and awkward. Unless you’re just using panels to frame a window and aren’t planning on closing them, a good rule of thumb is to choose a combined curtain panel width of 2 – 2.5 times the width of the window. That way you’ll get that nice drapey look when the panels are closed and have a nice fabric “stack” on each side when open.

Make sure to measure the width at the top, center, and bottom of the window. If there are any light switches, outlets, or vents near the window, make note not to cover them. Here are some options on how to hang your curtains based on your look:

• For a Luxurious Look: Hang your rod closer to the ceiling and use longer curtain panels to give a luxurious feel to your space.

• For a Traditional Look: Hang curtains 6" above the top of the window, and 3" past each of the sides. This will allow for maximum light exposure and hide the window frame.

• For Small Windows: Extend the width of the curtain rod 4-7” past the window frame on each side to create the illusion of a bigger window.

It is as important to select the right curtain rod as it is to choose the right panels for your particular room and windows. Choose a rod that is wider than the window you’re covering. This will allow the curtains to cover the entire window when they’re closed and to hang neatly on either side of the window when open. It can also fool the eye into thinking that the window is bigger than it really is. A good rule of thumb is to go with a curtain rod that is about 6-12” wider than your window.

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Linen Panels

Breezy, Light, Classic

Do the bright thing with our breezy linen curtain panel and create a natural visual expression that is unfussy, subtly worn-in, and ultimately elegant. Comes readily sewn with rod pocket and loops for easy installation and a casually effortless ethos or converts to ring-top style with curtain clip or curtain loop rings, available separately. Remember to order two sets of rings for wider width panels.
Crafted by artisans committed to fair-labor practiceUnlined. 3-in-1 construction with 3" rod pocket, back tabs for pleated look and loops for curtain pins/rings. 4" bottom hem.Imported.

100% Linen

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Paper Roller Shades

Whether layered with curtains or hung as a stand alone window covering, the look and feel of our woven paper fabric adds warmth and style. This innovative paper roller shade is easy to install, gently offers energy saving protection, is light filtering, draft reducing and provides complete privacy. Deluxe cordless spring roller system provides precise and efficient adjustment. Can be mounted inside or outside the window frame. Available in Natural or Wicker.
Crafted by artisans committed to fair-labor practices.

Deluxe cordless spring roller for precise and efficient height adjustment. Light filtering, draft reducing. Listed size width is precise width of the head-rail, actual fabric is 1" narrower. Can be mounted inside or outside of the window frame. Cordless mechanism is child and pet safe.

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