Home Staging by Our Boat House

For houses on the market:  Potential home buyers need help visualizing what works in the space, so why sell an empty home when you can stage it with Our Boat House fine home furnishings?

We offer full design services with our staging projects for the entire home or for select main rooms that most buyers prefer to see furnished: Living Room, Dining, Master Bedroom to name a few.  There are many great reasons to stage a home but the main financial reason is that staging will expedite the sale quickly whereas an empty home that stays on the market longer typically has a price drop. A well-staged house filled with relaxing coastal design aspects provides a warm welcome invitation to potential Florida buyers while it makes for great photos in the listing. We also offer a discount on the pieces used in staging for the buyer upon the purchase of the home. Ask us about our furniture packages and terms of use.

For developer's model homes: Create that dream home when providing the finishing touches for showcasing the Model Home to your development. The model home visit sets the tone for the entire subdivision whereas the details and aspects of construction shine when enhaced by beautiful furniture essentials. So many buyers will replicate what they saw "done" with the model home which increases sales when they see the potential. So, when it comes to model home staging, Our Boat House is a seasoned design firm that offers special pricing for model home packages as well as home furnishing packages basedon availablity. We provide on site consultations to propose what we offer then translate it to concepts for your space. Working locally allows us to assist your clients with designing any floor plan in the development.