Island Slipcovered Collection

Construction Details

The Island Collection is a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. This collection offers premier, unique style seating with renowned, industry-leading designs.  Each piece is essentially hand-crafted heirloom furniture.  They are sanded, screwed and stained from start to finish - so the comfort you experience with a piece of furniture like this is because of its design and construction. The Island Collection offers "organic" furniture with it's Inside green options. It is the ultimate choice for naturally healthy furniture. The wood furniture is made with FSC certified hardwood, no flame retardant chemicals are used, the stains are water based with Low VOC, the webbing is natural jute for Inside Green and organic latex, organic feathers and down along with organic cottons  and wool (EcoWool from Oregon & California) are also used.  The goal is to provide the consumer the option to have built furniture in their home be as healthy as humanly possible. 

    Everything you need to know...

Inside the Sofa: Inside Green Technology can be added to any Island Collection frame. Details in diagram.

Frames, Strength & Durability:

Frames are hand crafted with FSC certified kiln dried wood only -mainly Alder and Maple. When FSC is not available, frames are created from only recycled or reclaimed woods. There are no assembly lines found at the manufacturing plant for Island Collections. Frames are reinforced with double doweled stress joints, counter sunk screws and corner blocks. All the wood used is 00% domestic lumber.

Pieces are crafted by experienced artisans with hand weaving, carving of wood and hand sewing fabrics. Every stitch and screw is carefully put together by hand. Every order placed is crafted by hand just for you. 

Cushions - The Key to Comfort:

Seat cushions: Feather Cloud & Feather & Down. Feather Cloud cushions are what you will primarily find as the standard for most of the Island Slipcovered Collection pieces. The level of comfort is composed of a combination beginning with a foam core, then 50% recycled polyester wrap, then a combination of 45% feathers with 5% down feathers encased in a muslin fabric cover.

The Feather & Down fill comes standard on featured pieces and simply is made from a foam core, then a duvet of feathers and down channels to ensure an even spread, then covered with a muslin fabric cover. This is by far the most luxurious cushion offered.

Springs & Seating Support:

There are various seating support options. 

There is the No-Sag seating support system that is robust and versatile. It is a simple, 8-gauge sinuous spring stretched in an arch fashion and laterally mounted every 3-4 inches apart along the length of the chair or sofa. Two 8-gauge runners are mounted side-to-side, providing additional support. 

The Soft Edge seating support system is very similar to No Sag with the support literally provided by the springs laterally mounted along the length of the chair or sofa and reinforced side-to-side. Soft-edge offers the added benefit of a row of vertically mounted springs that allow for flexibility along the front edge of the sofa or chair. Island Collection - St. Barts has this seating support system.

The springs are 8-way hand tied springs to ensure comfortable seating support. It is 8-gauge support coils secured and individually hand-tied eight ways to the frame itself. Each coil has an independent range of motion for maximum support. There are no pre-assembled units used and bolted into the frame as this is all labor intensive with 2-3 hours per sofa. The Bermuda Sofa and Chair uses the 8-way hand tie system.

Inside Green is the support system using Jute Webbing. This construction consists of bands of jute webbing weaved throughout the seat, back and frame. 

Furniture Construction

Wood, Rattan, Driftwood, Zinc, Copper,...

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We provide free delivery and free returns on all our products within continental United States.


An Express-Parcel will reach its destination before 17.00 the next working day.


An Express-Parcel will reach its destination before 17.00 the next working day.