Beachside Fabric Swatches

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Collection of fabrics for slipcovers from the Beachside Collection. Can also be used for pillows.

Slipcover Care

In general, regular rotation and fluffing of your seat and back cushions is important for the longevity of your LEE furniture. We recommend vacuuming with a soft brush attachment to remove dust and debris. When purchasing LEE upholstery, ask your retailer for specific cleaning codes for the fabric you have chosen. Before removing the slipcover for cleaning, be certain to note how the cover is applied so that you can recover correctly. If the slipcover fabric is dry clean only, it is recommended that you use a professional dry cleaning service. If machine washing is recommended, remove the slipcover from one of the arms of the piece and work around to the back of the frame and to the opposite arm. The seams on your slipcover have been surged and overlocked to prevent fraying, but we recommend zipping all cushion and throw pillow casings before washing. Using the gentle cycle on your washing machine, wash the slipcover in cold water with a mild detergent. Be careful not to overload the capacity of your washer. Tumble dry for three minutes on low heat, and then continue to tumble dry using the air cycle. Return the slipcover, slightly damp, to the frame starting at the back of the frame and working from arm to arm. Clean all parts of the slipcover to avoid color variation. Machine washing is not recommended for multiple fabric slipcovers. When storing slipcovers, place in a cool, dry area, out of direct light. Prior to storage, wrap in a light weight white sheet or muslin cover to help air circulate and keep dust free.



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