Nautical Rope Decor For Your Coastal Home

Nautical Rope Decor For Your Coastal Home

Nautical Rope Decor For Your Coastal Home

Incorporating natural fiber into your home is the perfect way to add texture, interest and a classic coastal style. We have many different rope decor items from actual rope furniture to accent pieces that will add just the right amount of a nautical feel. The accent pieces also make a great gift for someone special.

- Montauk calls to mind a relaxing seaside escape. From its unique combination of materials - textured, nautical rope paired with a smooth concrete finish to its vibrant flame in your choice of fuel type. Perfect for the cooler months or for a summer night amongst friends.

The matching can be used as impromptu seating or functional side table. Hand-finished from high-performance materials, the Montauk Stool is stunningly wrapped in marine grade nautical rope and can be paired with any of our fire features for quick and comfortable seating or as a fun, textured accent.

This has function as well as nautical appeal. Also great as an accessory on shelf or table.

Naturally nautical or seafaring sophistication, get a classy coastal vibe without going too casual with this

Cleverly constructed, our bestselling elevates the most commonplace of materials to high end style. The nautical rope style paired with a chic white shade gives this lamp the perfect coastal appeal.

The nautically inspired would feel right at home in any coastal inspired interior or even in a lakeside retreat, as everyone knows a sturdy rope is a boaters best friend!

This navy and white l with a rope tied across it, is the perfect nautical touch to your living or bedroom.

These are the perfect center piece. So incredibly versatile and so much more unique than just a plane glass jar. Fill it with fresh flowers, sea glass, sand or candles, the ability to switch it up just makes these jars that much more special.