Nautical DIY: Driftwood Christmas Tree

Nautical DIY: Driftwood Christmas Tree

Nautical DIY: Driftwood Christmas Tree

Driftwood Christmas Tree

Steps to create your own:

1. lay out your driftwood starting with the largest piece on bottom and stack slightly smaller each row until you reach the smallest piece at the top which should create the shape of a tree.

2. Attach the driftwood with fishing line and screws to a piece of plywood or directly to your holiday wall.

3. We found this cool coastal wood star that we used as our tree topper, you can use a starfish as well.

4. String your lights starting at the bottom crossing back and forth, when you reach the top cross back down.

5. Start hanging your ornaments. We hung glass rope balls and nautical lanterns on ours.

Our driftwood tree is 8' tall and made from large pieces of driftwood.

Nautical Christmas tree DIY. Christmas tree design you can create at home.

Shopping guide:

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