Coastal DIY- Ombre Seaglass Windchime

One of your favorite DIY's is back! The ombre sea glass wind chime DIY is a reader favorite. Summer is here and it's the perfect time to collect sea glass at the beach. Put those seaside treasures to use and create a beautiful wind chime.

Seaglass windchime DIY instructions:

Lay out the seaglass by color in ombre.

Attach the string to the driftwood branch to form a hanger, tie knots and dab a bit of glue to ensure a tight hold.

String the seaglass together with the craft wire, from light to dark pieces will give you the ombre effect.

Last step to create your ocean art is to attach the seaglass strands to the driftwood branch and viola you have made a beautiful masterpiece.

How to select the best rug to properly anchor your space...

Rugs can be the foundation and starting point of every space....

Clients often ask, where do you start in choosing the colors and elements in a room? We believe most rooms start with the foundation of a rug because it anchors the space and creates a base of texture, color or pattern that has the most impact. Rugs are a great jumping off point. Start with a wonderful rug and the rest will fall into place. It sets the tone of a room, whether that be a casual elegance or a more formal feel, rugs set the mood.

Choosing a rug that reflects the overall mood of the room, that special color or neutral you are going for, as well as the texture and the way the room is used, is critical to making the right selection.  Rooms that have high traffic with kids, dogs, sandy feet, require a performance rug that can with-stand the use. Indoor/outdoor rugs are a great choice in high traffic areas. Rugs come in a variety of materials. Everything from polyester for high performance to cotton, wool, sisal and jute.

Rugs are good for indoors as well as outdoors. Rugs made for outdoors are designed and constructed to stand up to rain, sunshine and the elements. From the backings to the materials used to treat the product, manufacturers produce these rugs to be durable and they are also a great choice for indoors.  Outdoor rugs create an inviting setting on any patio or deck.

Coastal blue indoor outdoor rug

Our Coastal Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug, handwoven in sun, rain, dog and child-proof performance yarns for peace of mind. This classic herringbone design is perfect indoors or out. We love the watery blues and it is one of our best seller's.

Jute Rugs

Natural Jute Rugs...the perfect choice for a casual room and pairs beautifully with earthy textures and materials like rattan, linen and cotton furnishings

jute natural rugs

Jute is known as "the golden fiber" and it's extremely strong, highly sustainable, as well as eco friendly. Jute comes from the stem and outer ribbon of the jute plant. It's often blended with other fibers like wool for warmth. We love the casual, natural texture it adds to a room.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

These durable and casual indoor/outdoor rugs are wonderful both indoors and out! They are the perfect choice when there are sandy toes, kids, and dogs.

blue indoor outdoor rug on patio

These beautiful indoor/outdoor rugs are hand made from recycled plastic bottles. They are soft to the touch, stain resistant and easy to clean. Perfect for high traffic areas and outdoor patios. The recommended cleaning is easy. Just regular vacuuming or a soft gentle shake of the rug. It can also be hosed off or brushed with freshy soapy water. We love the variety of colors and casual patterns that are available.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs add softness, richness and everlasting beauty to any room...

Wool Rug blue hand knotted
Rug natural hand knotted
wool rug hand knotted blue and white

woven rug indigo blue
wool rug natural hand knotted

Wool rugs are durable, naturally sustainable and come in both a soft sumptuous plush pile and flat weave design. Wool is so strong that it can last for centuries. It's a great choice for a master bed room or a living room where you want a soft plush feel. Wool has innate stain and soil resistant properties and provides excellent sound absorption. Easy to clean. Just a regular vacuuming required.

PVC Rugs

These incredible PVC rugs are the answer to your most messiest of areas! Perfect on a deck, patio or boat and equally wonderful in a family room, kids room, mud rooms or kitchen.

vc indoor outdoor rug stripe blue and white
PVC indoor outdoor rug chevron tan and white
pvc indoor outdoor rug stripe navy and white

These beautiful PVC rugs are loomed in Sweden and practically indestructible! Hypoallergenic, fade resistant, mildew resistant and machine washable and can be hosed off and hung to dry. They come in a variety of colors and they are the answer to your most messiest of areas.

New Rugs

Sure to be best sellers! These new rugs in the shop prove that jute rugs come in a variety of textures, patterns and colors.

jute rug woven natual and ivory chevron design
jute rug french blue and white woven
woven jute rug terracotta pattern

Our designers are here to help guide you on all aspects of your rug selection and we can do it virtually!

Coastal Rugs to Anchor Your Space

Rugs are the foundation of a room; the anchors of the space. Whatever your rug choice, the room won't be complete without it!

We designed this coastal living room with natural elements in mind and started with this wonderfully textured jute rug.