Freshen Your Home with the Colors of Spring!

Spring inspires us to begin anew with fresh bright colors found in the beauty of nature.

Winter scene with white and natural furnishings.

Coming from generations of avid gardeners, we have an immense appreciation and fond memories of the beauty of flower gardens. The best interior designers in the world can't top the magnificence of  a flower garden, but we can learn from nature and pull from all it teaches you. Our grandparents, who were immigrants from Sweden and the Baltics, brought their heritage of gardening and farming to this country.  It was a deep love of nature and we marveled at their talent to plant and grow lush and colorful landscapes, As a child, I remember thinking that this is true beauty, when we had family picnics on the lawn, surrounded by every flower and plant that they meticulously selected to grow in undulating patterns along the borders of the property. Lilacs, Hydrangea, Peonies, Cherry trees, Pansies, Forget-Me-Nots, Morning Glories, Holly Hock, Lilies of the Valley ( my grandmother's favorite). Even the trees felt like they were from a fairy tale. The weeping willows reached down their branches to touch the earth and moved to the wind. They danced to the rhythm of the day. The mimosas had bright fuchsia flowers. The tropical-looking tree grew beautifully in northern places like Long Island, but looked like something that grew on a tropical island.  lt was spectacular.  This  was my first inclination to think of color and its relationship to nature.  When I started staging and designing homes, my favorite thing to do was to pick branches, flowers and anything that was beautiful and growing on the property to create large arrangements on the dining table. I now draw from nature with all my color palettes and always include some fresh - picked arrangements. Let's explore some spring color Palettes.


Vivid Greens, Bright Coral, Soft Pinks with touches of Blue 

Winter scene with white and natural furnishings.

Nothing says spring more than vivid greens, bright corals. the blush tones in a flower petal, crisp whites and splashes of golden yellow.  Spring symbolizes new life,  new beginnings and a fresh start. After months of winter, we are ready for change and it's the perfect time to spruce up your home.  It's easy to do and does not require you to buy all new furnishings. Simply by changing a few things like a new lamp in a spring color, new pillows in fresh vivid patterns, just - picked flowers in a glass vase, a new cotton throw or a new rug will transform a room and make you feel like you are ready to jump into life again. Take your cues from nature and all the beautiful spring gardens. We've put together some of our favorite spring palettes to inspire you. The Secret Garden Green Round Table Lamp with shades of green  brushstrokes is stunning just by itself.  The Chinoiserie Garden Pillow has all the colors of spring. The bright Coral Pillow adds a punch of color that is picked up from the lead chinoiserie pillow. The Blush Textured Cotton Pillow, the White With Linen Taped Leaf Border Pillow and the Turquoise Linen Pillow round out the color palette. Last, but not least, the Monhegan Herringbone Cotton Throw - Sugar Snap Green and White completes the room.


Cherry Blossoms & Baby Blue Skies

Winter scene with white and natural furnishings.

Color Palette: Baby Blue & Pink

Winter scene with white and natural furnishings.

The sweet baby blue and pink color palette is both soothing and fresh. The cheerful tones of blue in our Martinique Chair is picked up in the Aruba Striped Woven Cotton Rug in Pinks and Blues. The pillows echo the Pink and Blue tones - Our Blue Cotton Pillow with White Ties has beautiful textured detailing,  our Pink Petal Pillow in soft chenille provides welcoming comfort, the adorable Pink Leaf Pillow has a delicate pink leaf pattern. Add in our special Aqua Pearlized Lamp in hues of silver and blue for a soft round touch and our Reflections Side Table in whitewashed mahogany - both in stock ! For long lasting blooms, our Hydrangea Ranunculus Arrangement is so realistic that you will think they were just picked, but they will last forever!

"The earth laughs in flowers."- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Winter scene with white and natural furnishings.

The delicate color of blue in the Forget-Me-Not flower symbolized royalty for King Henry IV

Winter scene with white and natural furnishings.


  The pillows - our Nantucket Garden Pillow, our Blue Crackle Pillow and our Pineapple Stripe Pillow all reflect the delicate blue and golden yellow of the Forget-Me-Not Flower. Accent it with gold tones in our Gold Coral Bowls. Rattan pieces would also work nicely in this color Palette.  The Coastal Blue Ceramic Basket Lamp evokes the shape of a basket with soft curves topped with a linen shade. The French Blue Herringbone Indoor/outdoor Rug is a vivid blue that gives pop to the entire color story.

lavender fields with baby and children

"Life is full of beauty. Notice it, Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces.  Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to it's fullest potential and fight for your dreams." - Ashley Smith