Mystic River - This dramatic piece features a signature high-gloss vitreous finish be-speckled with a mass of real crushed, tumbled glass.

If  these walls could talk....

Wall decor and artwork are the final touches that bring the entire room design together and we say final touch because typically the wall art & decor are some of the last pieces added when decorating a room. 

Choosing and deciding on wall decor usually takes place during the beginning phase of a room design as the size may be determined by the furnishings and remaining space.

There are many types of wall decor as well as many factors to consider when deciding on what goes on the walls.

Artwork, mirrors, panels and unique decor are the pieces that will make your room go from 

basic to beautiful with just a hook and some nails.

An amazing piece of art can evoke a reaction and translate the feel or mood you want for the room. 

Note how the brush strokes on this piece are so life-like and real. It’s as if you can actually see the sun rays bouncing off the water. There is one of many reasons this piece  is one of our best selling giclees at Our Boat House.

Subject matter in art can really be the key to defining the look of your space. If you have a large span of empty wall over the sofa, try the oversized octopus piece. 

It has a deep indigo finish and is stunning, yet simple. Most pieces can be custom sized along with custom frame finishes and thickness.

Coastal Art

Sometimes just the water or coastline as subject matter can call to mind the sound of waves as they reach the sand, the smell of salty air and water. It visually emits the relaxing feeling of just the warm sun, sun and blue water. Coastal Art simply takes you to the sea. 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who invented you? The silvered-glass mirrors found throughout the world today first got their start in Germany almost 200 years ago. In 1835, German chemist Justus von Liebig developed a process for applying a thin layer of metallic silver to one side of a pane of clear glass.

A mirror can add dimension and light as well as having a functional purpose. Panels and decor draw your eye to a space in the room that otherwise was just a plain, boring wall. They all create balance and harmony to the case goods as well, so where you hang the piece and how it’s perceived by the average person is important as well.

So let's start with mirrors. 

A mirror hung by the entry allows good Feng Shui for many reasons - it adds natural and ambient reflective light into the entry vestibule. It is handy when you need to give yourself a quick once over before heading out the door. Lastly, it adds a bit of character, design and depth to an otherwise small area (for most homes) because mirrors have gotten super stylish over the years. One of our favorites is the Chain Link mirror. It’s chunky, it says nautical, it is clean and unfussy.

 It looks good above a sideboard or console and even alone! Please note there is one really supreme Feng Shui rule when it comes to mirrors, do not have the mirror face the door. 

Texture with Reflection

If you want to add some texture to the wall along with the reflective properties, try a mirror with frames made of seagrass, raffia, mangrove wood or oyster shells!

Wall Art like decorative panels, abstract sculpture, driftwood or other types of wall decor are perfect to add to a space that is lacking and you want to mix in something for blank walls besides mirrors or framed art. To maintain balance and visual harmony in the space, the secret is maintaining balance. So when it is time to hang wall art, do not feel like it is necessary to fill every amount of empty space. 

Wall Decor should serve as a piece that accentuates the wall but doesn’t overwhelm the space. Don’t forget having a little bit of blank wall areas allows for the proper amount of balance. 
Driftwood pieces whether they are a branch or creative pieces combined to make a fun sculpture make for excellent coastal wall decor.  
When you want a little something to draw your eye up the wall over the bed, a driftwood plank is a natural, beautiful piece that adds depth, creativity and style to the bedroom. Since these are found in nature and one of a kind, it’s such a special addition without defining any true color or look.

Other driftwood wall art are the ocean inspired hand-crafted sculptures like the sea horse, sea turtle and octopus.

Wonder Walls

The Vintage Deauville-style one-piece swimsuits in navy and white set the scene for coastal style with a splash of seaside glamour. Giclee photographic prints add graphic interest and a whimsical humor. Hang singly or group the series for maximum impact.


Some OBH favorites for wall decor are decorative panels and projecting wall pieces like shadow boxed pieces like vintage swimsuits, African headdress feathers and glazed bowls. These pieces are unique and can be customized by hanging them in groupings to create your own style.

The Indigo Glazed Wall Bowls or the Tribal Trio of Framed Round Panels are perfect for the end of the hallway or a small wall that needs a little love.