Design Tips: Decorating your coastal home to sell

Design Tips: Decorating your coastal home to sell

Design Tips: Decorating Your Beach House To Sell

1. Use the natural landscape of the coast for design inspiration. Paint your walls in seaside neutrals like light tans & blues which evoke a sense of coastal calm. Remeber the coastal feel is what attracts buyers to your home.

2. Nautical decorations such as driftwood, ship lights and are a great way to show a coastal lifestyle. You could even use subtle accents, such as horizontal white and or navy and white upholstery.

3. Mix textures. The textures you use in your coastal design can give a beachy feeling if done right. Pair a with an unfinished this will create dimension and balance for a coastal beach house design.

4. . Create an easy coastal vibe by bringing in ocean treasures. Sea shells, starfish and coral are some examples of coastal decor that will accent your homes location.

5. Let the sunlight in. This may seem like a no-brainer, but if your coastal cottage lacks light it won't feel like it's on the beach. Sheer curtains and open blinds will showcase your beach house best.

Coastal design tips for decorating your to sell. Let The Crew at Our Boat House help you your coastal home to sell.

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  • Karen Marcil
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