Design Tips: Coastal Cozy Design

Design Tips: Coastal Cozy Design

Design Tips: Coastal Cozy Design

Beautiful should be light, airy and uncluttered, with an openness like the ocean. Blurring the lines between the in- and outdoors, with an abundance of sunlight and warmth that creates a coastal, cozy ambiance. These simple design tips will help you achieve a coastal cozy design in your own home.

The cooler temperatures have us day dreaming of apple picking, cozy throw blankets and sitting by the Fall is definitely about cozy! Try adding some soft or new to your sofa for a whole new design. This with a tossed across the arm of the sofa and white cozy feather throw pillows on either end is the perfect example of adding some cozy in your design.

Warm up any space with a soft . This coastal shag area rug softens the design while anchoring the space with cozy style.

In a coastal-inspired design, natural light is key for an inviting cozy feel, amplify the light in your home with lots of white. White walls, white floors, white ceilings – as the color reflects light and provides the flood of sunshine that give coastal homes their vast sense of openness. Proper usage of , sconces and can provide artificial light that still exemplifies the sun.

Add Autumn hues with woven textures, or . The natural textures evoke the seashore while adding a cozy warm design to your space.

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