Our Favorite Coastal Art

Listen! Can you hear the Waves Crash?

Painting of ocean wave.

Ocean Spray Giclee - Oversized

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." - Jacques Cousteau

There is nothing more powerful than art! Nothing! Art effects us emotionally, physically and mentally. The impact Art has on our lives is immeasurable. Discovering art you love is like finding a true treasure that will last generations. Our favorite aspect of design is creating a room around that special piece of art that speaks to the soul of the people living there. As coastal style designers, we are always on the lookout for art that can infuse our homes with the love of the sea. 

The stunning painting of the crash of an ocean wave (shown above) is done by one of our favorite artists. His work has been exhibited in top art galleries in New York, California and Florida. We love the way he captures the essence of the ocean in his large scale pieces painted in oils. We offer his work in framed Giclees (high quality prints) on canvas in a variety of sizes. 



More Favorites

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time" - Thomas Merton

Now, more than ever, our homes are the most important place to us. We live there, we sleep there, we play there and many of us now also work there. We want our homes to be a place of refuge, a place that nurtures us, a place that inspires us and that makes our everyday lives better. Art has more impact on us than anything else in a room. It's not an accessory, it's a necessity. Art causes an emotional response and can immediately make you feel serene, happy or energized. Art is personal and comes in many forms from paintings, to sculpture to a beautiful object you found in your travels. We love many types of art, but because we love the ocean, we are drawn to artists who capture the beauty of the sea. Art brings a feeling into a room. It brings color and texture to a room and it's a focal point. A room is not complete without art.

Giclee art of seven row boats on the beach

The Seven Boat Giclee captures the colorful, weathered  fishing boats waiting on the shore to go out to sea again. It conveys a casual vibe with this rustic windswept scene. 

giclee art with white pelicans floating in the water

The Six Floating Pelicans with the sunset reflections in the water is a stunning piece of art. The colors are vibrant and so life-like. 

Giclee of white rowboat in blue reflective waters with red buoy.

The White Row Boat with Red Buoy Giclee is inspired by a row boat in Spain. The breathtaking way the water is so life-like and reflective makes this an absolute master piece. It creates a sense of calm as you can almost hear the waves lapping gently against the boat. 

Large Scale Art Makes the Room

Living room with white rowboat art and white and blue furnishings

The livingroom's focal point is an over-sized 72"  x 48" giclee of the White Rowboat with Red Buoy Painting, framed with a white gallery float frame. The art makes the room and it would not be complete without it. It pulls everything together and creates a soothing breath of salty air. 

Coastal Style Paintings

We love art that takes us away to our favorite place and makes a big impact in a room. The incredible photography of the "Horse on the Beach" captures nature wild and free. Our abstract "Blue Horizon" art is infinitely beautiful in its simplicity. The "Sentimental Journey" of the wood row boat below, is serene in shades of blue and white. The abstract art - "Salt", with white and sea glass/aqua blue infuses a light airy feel to any room. 

Living room with blues and whites and natural jute

Art is the focal point of this beautiful coastal style room. The Serene rowboat painting echoes the soft blue and white accents throughout the room. Find that special piece of art that you love and create a room around it.


How high should I hang a painting?

This is a great question because more often than not we see people hanging art too high. That makes the art feel like it's not connected to the room. In general, when you are hanging art over a console table or side board it's better to hang it no more than 6" to 8" from the top of the furniture. This gives enough room to place accessories on the top of the furniture,  but not so much that the art looks like it's oddly placed. Another rule of thumb is to have the middle of the art placed at eyelevel. That's about 57" from floor to the middle of the painting. There are times that general rules don't work and you have to rely on what looks right to you. The best way to learn art placement is to study photos of rooms done by Interior Designers and pay attention to what looks right about how the art is placed. We are always here to help if you need assistance. Just give us a call and ask about our design consultation options. 

What is a Giclee'?

A giclee' is a high quality print of an original piece of art. Giclee' is a French term meaning "to spray". Ink jet printers use small spraying devices that exactly match color precisely of the original art. This makes it more affordable to buy art you love because it is not at the often very high price of an original. Artists give there permission to galleries or designers to sell giclee's of their work and of course receive a fee for this. We