Coastal Lighting that Sets the Mood....

Natural rope hanging light

A well-lit room creates an ambience and a glow, like the warmth of a fire.  The trick to creating that cozy feeling is with layers of lighting from the chandelier, to the sconces, to the lamps. Each layer provides light at different levels. We create comfortable rooms always keeping in mind that the lighting should have balance and atmosphere.  It's also important to control the amount of light in a room as the natural light changes. Having a dimmer is a must to control the amount of light that creates the perfect mood.  We love the natural textures and materials that our lighting comes in from rope, to seashells, coco beads and more. Our authentic nautical lights that once lit the bow or cabin of an old ship, bring a rich sense of history to any room or deck. The beauty that the a beautiful light fixture brings to a room is like that special piece of jewelry that finishes an outfit. 

"Light is the  magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space; it's one of the most important elements in all my interiors" - Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz

Coastal Interior Design mood board with blues and tans

Woven Abaca rope hand knotted chandelier. 

It's all  in the lighting....

A room isn't complete without the lighting. A dramatic chandelier in an entry or over a dining table can be the focal point of the room and set the tone of the entire home. Scale plays a big part in selecting a chandelier. Obviously, a high ceiling requires a taller chandelier and a larger room requires a wider chandelier. The good rule of thumb is that the bottom of the chandelier should be a minimum of 7 feet from the floor. A chandelier should be about 3" in height for every foot of your room height. For example, a 12 foot ceiling could accommodate a chandelier up to 36" in height. To determine the width of the chandelier, add your room dimensions together and turn it into inches. For example, a 10 x 12 room, 10 + 12 = 22. The chandelier should be around 22" in width. If the chandelier is over a dining table it should be at least 12" less in width and length of the dining table to avoid hitting your head. We usually have a dining room chandelier hung so that the bottom of the chandelier is 30" to 36" above the dining table. Once you know the best size chandelier for the room, then select a design that best reflects the feeling of the room.

Sconces are not just for dining rooms, they are great in master bedrooms, living rooms, entryways, bathrooms, libraries and more. They bring life and dimension to your walls by creating a warm glow on the wall or by highlighting a favorite piece of art, tree or bookshelf. Our coastal sconces come in

a variety of materials from rope, to shells, wood, metal and more. Sconces are usually hung at 3/4 of the way up the wall in entryways, dining rooms and living rooms. Sconces by a bed are usually hung at about shoulder height as you are sitting on the bed.

Lamps provide a warm glow and a cozy reading light near a sofa or chair.  Scale is important with lamps too. In general, the lamp should not be more than 1.5 ties taller then the surface it's sitting on. The lamp shade should not be wider than the table. Our coastal lamps come in everything from wood, sea glass, seashells, rope and just everything that fits beautifully in a casual or elegant home by the sea.

coastal blue painting with aluminum vintage ship lights

Our Nautical Authentic Aluminum Convoy Ship Light Invokes a Sense of History

Coastal Lamps

It's no wonder why our Oceans table lamp is so popular. The lamp features a printed canvas resembling a beautiful blue ocean with whitecaps and seafoam. The print is encased in a clear acrylic base and topped with a linen lamp shade.

living room with ocean blue table lamps

Our coastal lamps are stunningly unique!

Coastal Chandeliers

We love this large chandelier draped with hand hung coco beads, breathing organic life and movement into a classic shape.

coco bead chandelier

Our coastal chandeliers will create the perfect effect whether it be dramatic or organic.

Lighting Made with Natural Materials 

Teak Wood, Driftwood, Coco Beads, Seagrass and Water Hyacinth 

wood buoy floor lamp
Rattan chandelier
washed driftwood table lamp
teakwood table lamp
Rope chandelier
water hyacinth table lamp

Authentic Ship Lights

Rich in history our authentic ship lights are perfect for docks, decks, stairways, kitchens and bathrooms...

Solid brass vintage helsinki ship light
solid brass vintage ship light four bar light
vintage ship's cargo fox light copper

solid brass belfast vintage dock light
solid brass vintage convoy sconce light

Our Vintage Marine lights that once lit the decks of old ships, are made of durable materials like solid brass, copper and aluminum. Bring the maritime history into your home with an authentic vintage ship light!

New in the Shop!

 New Lighting in Our Shop!

Our designers are here to help guide you on all aspects of your lighting selections and we can do it virtually - email or call today! - 800-473-2137

Coastal Chandeliers

This photo of our beautiful design showroom in Delray Beach, features our best selling Oyster Chandelier!

This Textured lamp is organically shaped and glazed. Hand crafted and Reminiscent of the Beach.

What are the layers of lighting?

There are three layers of lighting for every room. They are ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Ambient lighting, which is usually the ceiling lights, like recessed lights, give the room an overall illumination. Task lighting are lights that light up areas where you perform tasks, like cooking or reading.  Generally task lights are under counter lights in a kitchen, over counter pendant lights, a desk light for reading, a vanity light in a bathroom or a reading lamp by a bed. Accent lights are lights that light up an area in the room to accentuate.  Accent lighting are sconce lights, table lamps, artwork lighting, up-lighting under a tree. Accent lights bring life and glow to a room and help create a mood.

How do I select a light bulb for a lamp in my living room or bedroom and I want a soft light?

In most living rooms, bedrooms you will want a 'warm white' with a color temperature around 2700K  That's bright enough to be useful but is also a soft light which is also more flattering to your skin. Most table lamps are best with a warm white, pearl LED bulb in a GLS or candle shape. If you use the table lamp for reading use a bulb with at least 450 lumens. If it's a 3 way lamp, you can buy an Equivalent 3- way soft white LED bulb.