Coastal DIY: Seashell Summer Anklet DIY

Coastal DIY: Seashell Summer Anklet DIY

Coastal DIY: Seashell Summer Anklet DIY



Colored Embroidery Thread




This is perhaps the easiest DIY anklet that you can make. It involves no braiding or looping and is perfect for those who do not have the patience to be braiding stuff.

Measure out and cut the required length (Note: you do not need four times the length as we will not be braiding in this method). String the and other embellishments as per your preference and knot on either side to keep them in place. Knot the ends onto your foot when you want to wear the anklet.


You need four strands to work with for this braided anklet. The length of the strands should be four times that of the size that you want.

Step 1

Gather the four strands, fold them in half and tie a knot at the folded end so that you end up with a loop as shown in the photo.

Step 2

Separate the strands into two equal sections (i.e. four strands each). Now start braiding using the fishtail braiding technique. If you’re not familiar with the technique, here’s a quick how-to guide. First, take the outer strand from your left section and bring it over to the right section. Then take the outer strand from the right section and bring it over to the left section. Continue doing this to create your fishtail braid.

Step 3
Once you reach the end of the rope, tie it up in a chunky knot that you can then put through the loop at the other end to secure the anklet.

Once you master this fishtail braid anklet, you can move on to some of the more complicated and intricate braids.

Braided charm and DIY. Loop your braids through either the hole in a charm or in the top of a cute, summery seashell to create this summery anklet.