Coastal DIY: Seashell Bust

Coastal DIY: Seashell Bust

Coastal DIY: Seashell Bust


A bust.

E6000 adhesive (Don’t even try this with another glue. You’ll have wasted a lot of time.)

A small paintbrush.

Judykin’s Diamond Glaze

Various shells, sea glass, coral

Glue gun/glue sticks

Aluminum Foil


Start by squeezing a bit of E6000 onto a piece of foil. Just dab a shell into the E6000, really just a little is all it takes. Squeeze a couple of dots of hot glue on top of the E6000. Press to your figurine for a few seconds. The E6000 forms the permanent bond, the hot glue forms the “fast bond”. Alone, the silicone based E6000 will slide around, but not when topped with the hot glue.

Add layers and fill in the spots.

Next. You’ll have spider web strands of glue everywhere. But did you know if you hit it with a blow dryer they disappear

Lastly add Judykin’s Diamond Glaze. It’s a very thin, very clear(non-yellowing) adhesive/top coat. It insures it will all stay together. Drip some out of the bottle, and spread out with the paintbrush. Work in small areas, letting dry in between.

You are all finished, stand back and admire your creation.

A coastal DIY for the shell collector. Put all those beautiful seashore treasures to use with this lovely seashell bust DIY.