Coastal DIY: Rope Glass Lanterns

Coastal DIY: Rope Glass Lanterns

Coastal DIY: Rope & Glass Lanterns

Create your own beautiful outdoor for the patio this Summer.


Here's how to create your candle ….

First, remove the hardware and lid from the jar
Place the clamp around the neck of the jar. Using a pen mark the clamp where the holes for the drawer knob and screw should be placed on each side of the clamp

Next place a board or piece of PVC pipe through the middle of the clamp to prevent it from bending and to provide a hard surface to drill into
Use a drill bit that is as wide as the screw for the drawer knob you choose. Drill through the marking you made on each side of the clamp
You may have to drive a nail through the drill hole to speed the process along and prevent the drill bit and clamp from getting too hot
Note: don't worry if the clamp bends a little when you're drilling the holes. It will retake it's shape once you secure it on to the jar

Mount the screws and drawer knobs onto the clamp
Place the clamp around the neck of the jar. Use a screw driver to secure the clamp tightly to the jar

Place the rope (I used 1/2" round rope for the medium sized jar and 3/4" rope for the larger jar) around the screw between the knob and the clamp. As you tighten the knob onto the screw it will act like a vise securing the rope
Next tie some twine tightly around the rope to make the handle

Place a little hot glue on the rope so that the twine stays in place as you wrap it around and around to make the handle

Cut the rope to the desired length that you want the handle to be
Hot glue and wrap twine on the other side to complete the handle

Fill your with sand or shells to help hold the citronella candle in place

A coastal DIY you will love, make your own beautiful outdoor . DIY perfect for your Summer spent outside enjoying the .

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