Coastal DIY: Driftwood and Seashell Mirror

Coastal DIY: Driftwood and Seashell Mirror

Coastal DIY: Driftwood and Seashell Mirror


MIRROR – any shape and size with a frame that is somewhat flat.

DRIFTWOOD – collect shorter pieces and more than you think you’ll need since it’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle.

SEASHELLS – Smaller shells work best for this size of mirror because you tuck them in between the driftwood.

GLUE GUN or clear waterproof liquid glue – for this mirror hot glue has held up just fine outside, but Arleen’s waterproof clear glue works great too.

Then it’s all just a puzzle! Lay out your driftwood first, glue and then spread around your shells and glue.

Coastal DIY using beach finds like and seashells to create a custom coastal mirror for your beach house.

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