Beach House Tour: Wayzata, Minessotta Lake Cottage

Beach House Tour: Wayzata, Minessotta Lake Cottage

Beach House Tour: Wayzata, Minnesota Lake Cottage

. Located in Wayzata, Minessotta, this coastal designed lake cottage is casual elegance. Coastal quaint cottage design with a spacious and open feel, perfect for welcoming family and friends for a weekend by the lake. with nautical elements paired with modern chic touches. Classic coastal kitchen with and a pop of blue in the seated at the island. We are in love with the large kitchen, with coffered ceiling, the blue-gray master bathroom and the overal lake house design of this home. The ocean inspired color palette grabs your attention and makes you want to move in.

A coastal chic lake house with and chic interiors. Take a tour of this beautiful Wayzata, Minnesota lake house and see all the features we love.

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  • Karen Marcil


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