10 Ways: Transform Your Outdoor Space Into A Coastal Outdoor Retreat

10 Ways: Transform Your Outdoor Space Into A Coastal Outdoor Retreat

10 Ways: Transform Your Outdoor Space Into A Coastal Outdoor Retreat

Summer is around the corner, it's a great time to design your space. Here are 10 ways to transform yuor space into an outdoor oasis you can retreat to.

1. Groundwork. Creating a platform for your space can be done with pavers, wood deck or even by staining an existing concrete pad. This coastal outdoor dining space has a gorgeous stone design.

2. Space planning. Making a space plan can go a long way. This space was planned out perfectly for , relaxing, lounging, and cooking.

3. Landscaping. Creating green surroundings to compliment your area can add privacy and a lush touch for a tropical feel.

4. Fabric. Drapes block the sun and can soften a space and make it feel more like the indoors, this design trick creates an inviting design.

5. Sea Inspired Lighting. Coastal lanterns or can transform your into a coastal retreat.

6. Layers. Creating layers with , throw pillows and furniture will give your outdoor space dimension and a coastal collected design.

7. Bring the indoors outside.Using indoor style coastal furnishings under a covered area will extend your to the outdoors increasing your living space. Upholstered furniture covered in outdoor fabric has a luxurious look.

8. Paint. One way to make your outdoor space feel bigger is to paint the ceiling light ocean blue hues to mimic the sky. Your space will feel large and airy with a simple can of paint.

9. Something to gather around. Whether you are getting together for drinks or a family dinner, having something to gather around is key, It can be a great dining table, coffee table or in this case a

10. Private escape. Creating an area you can escape to and get lost in a book is a favorite. A simple way to create your own private spot is by using a day bed outdoors and filling it with pillows. This day bed was made with a simple DIY design and covered with outdoor fabric.

10 ways to transform your backyard to a oasis. Coastal ideas for your beach house.