January 20, 2020

10 Ways: To Create a Nautical Den

10 Ways to create a nautical den space with big coastal style. Let us give you the tools you need to create your own coastal nautical den.

10 Ways: To Create a Nautical Den

1. Set the nautical tone with the entrance to your nautical den. Make it inviting and intriguing with the right . Light the entrance with or for great ambiance and coastal effect.

2. Reflect the light. Dens can tend to be a little dark, you have the lighting under control now you need to reflect it throughout the space. This can be easily and stylishly done with . These are a great example of nautical decor with a purpose.

3. . Best way to create the ultimate nautical den is with the right comfy casual seating like you can relax in. Nautical coastal sea inspired spaces need to make them authentic seashore designs.

4. . This driftwood coffee table is a great example of infusing nautical style in your space. You can add a touch of driftwood style with a or .

5. Weathered wood accents, Nautical spaces are typically inspired by the worn and weathered look of the sea. This can be attained with weathered wood accents or furnishings like

6. Ship art or . can liven up your space with a touch of the sea, hang a great photo of the deep blue sea or place a on a console table.

7. Rope accents. , rope buoy accents or a can bring in a touch of the sea with a natural texture.

8. . Bring in some extra natural texture with a . It will ground your space while adding an extra layer to your room.

9. Add a sleeping area for guests. If you have the room go ahead and put a full size coastal sleeping space in your den. Limited on space try one of our for a chic coastal design that fits.

10. Navy Hues. Navy and white color palates are probably the most well known in Nautical decor and coastal interiors. Give your space some navy and white contrast with or a great

10 Ways to create a den space with big coastal style. Let us give you the tools you need to create your own . 

10 Ways: To Create

a Nautical Den
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