10 Ways: Throw A Coastal Outdoor Dinner Party

10 Ways: Throw A Coastal Outdoor Dinner Party

10 Ways: Throw A Coastal Outdoor Dinner Party

1. Hanging Coastal Lanterns- Create a coastal chandelier of your collected for some great lighting for your party, fill them with candles.

2. Champagne & Popcicles- Slip your favorite pops into your champagne flute. Add a delish kick to a bit of bubbly, and look pretty doing it. Basil leaves, mint sprigs and fresh fruit garnishes will make your cocktails look fabulously fresh. But make sure you save some popcicles for the kids, they are always a hit on a hot Summer day!

3. Garden Decorations- Use plants and flowers from around your home to create table

4. This makes a great floral arrangement planter. Going back to what we said before about using grennery and flowers from your yard.

5. Outdoor Coastal Seating- These are a great coastal design and add lots of seating room around the .

6. Pull some of your indoor seating outside- Make your guests feel at home in style by bringing out some indoor seating for a grand coastal design.

7. Food Bars or Stations- Set up a cool chip & salsa station or a mak your own fish taco bar. It is sure to be a hit at the party.

8. Music- Have your guests send you a list of their 3 favorite songs and create your party playlist from your guests suggestions. This is a fun way to have hopefully a good mix of music your guests will enjoy.

9. Party Favors- Create these lovely little succulent summer party favors your guests will love to take home.

10. Fire Pit- When the sun goes down and the party continues a great way to gather and keep the night going is with a .

10 ways to throw a great party with seaside style. Outdoor with nautical beachy design.