10 Ways: Give Your Home That Beachy Coastal Feel

10 Ways: Give Your Home That Beachy Coastal Feel

10 Ways: Give Your Home That Beachy Coastal Feel

You don't have to live by the sea to get a coastal look. With these 10 tips you will feel like you've got the ocean on your doorstep. Capture the essence of the seaside in any space with these coastal design and decorating ideas.

1. Slipcover Furnishings. One of the best coastal decor items that will give you the biggest beachy impact is a . Nothing says comfy beach house quite like .

2. Natural floors. , such as , sea grass and sisal, make great rugs that simulate the sand on the beach instantly giving the space a seaside feel.

3. Driftwood. Beautiful weathered wood strewn along the beach, known as driftwood is seen as a treasure found on the beaches. Adding into your decor gives the design a coastal collected ambiance. This is a great example of how to use it in your home.

4. Stripes. Blue and white stripes brighten any space while giving it a coastal design found in many beach houses decor. This is the perfect example of relaxed beach house design.

5. Seashell Decor. Seashells are easy to use in your design, they can be placed on a coffee table as an accent or displayed as a collection in a bookcase. There are so many ways to incorporate into your home.

6. Coastal Lighting, From ship cargo lights to shell chandeliers, coastal lighting can add more than light to your design. A can add interest to a room with beachy style.

7. Wicker Textures. Wicker gives a relaxed beach feel. Add in a wicker chair or a set of to give your home a relaxed beach house design.

8. Weathered Wood. Just like the textures wicker creates, weathered wood gives a collected and evolved design to your space. This is a great example.

9. Aqua Accents. There is something about the color aqua that evokes the feeling of cool ocean waters. Bringing in aqua to a space whether on your walls or as an accent will give the space an ocean side vibe.

10. Coastal Pillows. Soft accents like will give a comfy touch to your home while providing some extra seaside design.