January 20, 2020

10 Steps To Casual Beach Decor

10 Steps to casual beach house decor. With these 10 easy steps you can make your home feel like it is steps from the ocean.

10 Ways: 10 Steps To Casual Beach Decor

1. Coastal cottage decor creates a comfy yet casual design. The kind of coastal furnishings you can put your feet up on the furniture and not worry about damaging the paint job. Pieces that have a worn in look that give off an easy casual feel.

2. Give The Slip. Our slipcovered furniture is super durable and stand up well in high-traffic spaces. A quick wash and they are good as new. Relax and enjoy coastal living on classic, simply-styled slipcovered coastal furniture, including all style and sectionals, Slipcover Chairs and coastal style seating.

3. Add Some Aqua. Ocean blue aqua hues add a touch of the seaside to any space making it feel like it's feet from the ocean.

4. Classic White Kitchens. Bright white and clean coastal kitchens are a staple in a beach home. Create your own coastal design with a clean slate.

5. Bench The Family. Bench seating at the dining table is a great way to gather all the family around the table.

6. Serene White Coastal Bedding. It's easy to create a retreat with a spa like beach feel by using all white . The creates a clean coastal design found in beach resorts.

7. Add that little extra touch of beach house with a in the master suite. Nothing creates a beachy feel quite like a slipcover.

8. Paint The Sea. Ocean hued painted walls are an easy way to achieve a beachy feel.

9. Beautiful seashell chandeliers light the space with big beach house style. Add instant seashore design to a space with one of our coastal chandeliers

10. Nautical Design. with a classic nautical design add a sense of the sea. These ship oars create wall art and a beachy design.

10 Steps To

Casual Beach Decor
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