driftwood wall hanging slipcovered sofa white

Our Driftwood Pieces are unique,naturally formed works of art that vary in size and shape and were found deep in the nation's wetlands. Each piece has been molded by the waters in which they were found, and no two pieces are identical. Add texture, warmth, and interest to any room as you create a welcoming, coastal feel. Create your own driftwood mosaic with several pieces, use by themselves as a wall hanging or hang as a natural room divider or screen to put the perfect finishing touch on any coastal themed room,

Large Driftwood Sea Horse 45"h
Driftwood 57"x25"x10"
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Driftwood 64"x15"x6"
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Driftwood 72"x25"x17"
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Driftwood 75"x20"x14"
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Driftwood 75"x24"x6"
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Driftwood Garland
Driftwood Life Ring
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Driftwood Mirror 30" Round
Large Driftwood Sea Horse 70"h