Tripod Vintage Leather & Canvas Campaign Stool


Campaign carry-ons are as practical some 150 years ago as today Take it to the races, an outdoor concert, polo match or a quail-hunt! Designed to be folded up, packed away, carried on the march.

British upper class came to dominate the colonial imperial army in the 19th Century and were accustomed to quality furniture designers such as Chippendale and Sheraton These stools were developed as stylish pieces easy to transport.

The tripod stool served the need for impromptu hunting big-game, dining chair while on-the-go, and the general needs to genteel life abroad, especially in India, Africa and the South States. Tripod-on-the-go is for Officers and Gentlemen.

Overall Dimensions: 13"w x 14.2"d x 21.7"h

Material: Canvas, Leather & Wood

Finish: Natural and Honey Brown

Additional Details:

Leather strap holds legs together while doubling as shoulder strap.

Canvas seat with leather rims.

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