SLIPCOVERED & Custom Seating Pieces - Manufacturing, Shipping & Delivery Information Page

Our slipcovered seating pieces come from four different manufacturers, all located in the United States of America and each collection has various frame styles, sizes, fabrics and fills exclusive to their line. We offer private label collections with some best selling pieces crafted exclusively for Our Boat House. When a slipcover order is placed, this piece does not exist until the order is created, so it is custom made especially for you, so once it's ordered, it cannot be returned or refunded.
We recommend ordering fabric samples prior to placing an order to ensure it's exactly what you want.
Details about the processing, shipping and delivery of these custom slipcovered pieces are outlined below.

WHAT TYPES OF DELIVERY METHODS ARE THERE? We offer Standard Delivery (also known as Curbside Delivery) this is where your items will be left adjacent to the home, but not brought inside. This standard fee is automatically calculated based on the order amount.  If the destination address offers shipping challenges, we will discuss options prior to delivery. Additional fees may apply. We offer local White Glove Residential Delivery within a 50-60 mile radius of the Delray Beach, FL area. We offer White Glove Residential Delivery for all other shipping addresses (outside of Delray Beach, FL) using various 3rd Party White Glove Delivery companies that have routes in your select area.

White Glove Delivery is an in-home delivery service where the items are arranged in the room(s) and then all debris and packaging is removed from the home.

Questions about delivery? 1-800-473-2137 (select shipping/sales) or write Please include your order number or last name. The home office is open Monday-Friday 9am, EST to 5pm, EST.

DO YOU TAKE AWAY MY OLD SOFA, CHAIR, ETC? Unfortunately, we are only able to place, assemble and arrange the items that we have provided. We cannot remove unwanted sofas, mattresses, case goods, etc.


WHAT IS THE OVERALL LEAD TIME VS. MANUFACTURING TIME FOR A SLIPCOVERED PIECE?  The overall lead time is how long the item will take from Order to Delivery (arrival to your home). The Manufacturing Time (ETC-Estimated Time of Completion) is how long it actually takes to make your custom slipcover or upholstered piece.

Both of these times are ESTIMATED due to supplies, labor and shipping times.

The Process:

Once a slipcovered item is ordered, it is entered & acknowledged in the system. Then, it goes into production. Production is a period of time where framing, upholstery & sewing happens. Not many UPDATES will be sent regarding progress of the piece(s). Once the piece(s) are complete, they will be packaged for shipment. You will be contacted to coordinate delivery in the next few weeks. If items are shipping residentially outside of FL, they may take 1-4 wks to arrive. If items are purchased locally to Delray Beach, FL they may take 1-2 wks to arrive after being prepared for shipment. The overall estimated lead time on a custom slipcover item is anywhere from 8-24 weeks depending on the item(s) ordered. This is subject to change depending on manufacturing, supply, labor or shipper issues that may occur & are out of our control.

HOW DO I CHECK ON MY ORDER? When you order online, you will receive an automated email that we have received the order. Depending on the item, (please read the item description carefully) A CUSTOM SLIPCOVERED PIECE TAKES ANYWHERE FROM 8 WEEKS TO 24 WEEKS TO MANUFACTURE. THEN, IT IS SCHEDULED TO SHIP. SHIPPING TAKES 1-4 WEEKS DEPENDING ON THE SHIPPING TYPE AND DELIVERY LOCATION. * If the chosen fabric or any framing material (sleeper mechanism, swivel mechanism, etc) is out of stock, we will let you know there is additional waiting time. 

Supply chains have been impacted by the aftershock of COVID-19 on the import and manufacturing industry. Other issues such as inclimate weather, floods, hurricanes or storms may delay shipping and delivery.


Questions about an Order? 1-800-473-2137 (select Orders) or write Please include your order number or last name.

The home office is open Monday-Friday 9am, EST to 5pm, EST.