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Southborough Sea Glass Chandelier Chandelier
Southborough Sea Glass Chandelier
Incorporate elements of the sea into your home through our one-of-a-kind sea glass chandeliers. Aqua hues and seafoam shades add a sense of tranquility that no other light fixture will be able to do. Our bestselling Sea Glass Oceanside Chandelier consists of strand upon strand of carefully chosen natural sea glass accented with contemporary silver leaf detailing. The classic silhouette and lovely materials recall seaside strolls and ocean breezes. If you want to go a bit off the cuff our Frosted Glass Chandelier holds a unique design element as it features a textured covering of frosted recycled glass. The blue-tinted pieces accentuate its silver leaf finish. These sea glass chandeliers are the unique element of the sea that your coastal home is missing.

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