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We bring to you the ultimate in doormats - The Rope Doormat & the PVC Doormat.

To begin, the Rope Doormat are incredibly resilient, unique pieces handcrafted on the east coast by talented weavers, and are the finest doormat on the market today. These rope mats withstand the heaviest traffic, dirtiest messes from, mud to sand and it all takes place before anyone walks through your door.

The Rope Door Mats are extremely durable, mildew and insect resistant, and unlike natural fibers, will not retain water or harbor any type of insects. These doormats come with a manufacturer 5 year limited warranty. The Rope Doormat is easy to maintain, just shake it or hose it clean with water. After many years of use, simply flip it over and it will look as good as new. Best used on non skid surfaces.

These mats are 1" thick, so please check your door swing and clearance. These mats are great for outdoor showers as well as the water filters right through and your feet are kept clean from the an outdoor shower base.

As featured in HGTV magazine, the Rope Doormats can be found in a variety of striped, solid and wave patterns so you really make a great first impression on your guests!

The PVC Doormat is loomed in Sweden and is made of recycled plastic water bottles. Technically organic and green, these rugs are 100 % Vinyl and therefore, Organic Indoor / Outdoor area rugs are woven in Sweden which are free of chemicals, mildew & fade resistant, hypo-allergenic, machine washable and customizable. Our PVC is made of 57 % Salt and 43 % oil, which are infinite resources! These PVC Rugs are free of BHP, dioxin, plasticizer, and other chemicals which can be harmful.

Rest assured, your children, pets and you will be safe by not breathing in toxic chemicals. And in these sizes, they are machine washable and bleachable. So many color choices and so much fun!





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