Buying Guide for Lighting Selection Process


Coastal Light Fixture Buying Guide

Lighting is no longer just creates a mood, adds drama and is an important design element. The styles are endless. Choosing the right chandelier, sconce, pendant light, or lamp for your home is easy when you let your imagination run wild.

Style: Think about the mood of your home. Is it a relaxed, put your feet up casual home?  Then look towards natural elements. Lighting doesn't have to be traditional. It comes in natural materials like driftwood, iron and sea shells. Coastal Chandeliers - Coral chandeliers, Hemp hanging lights, Wood bead chandeliers, iron armillary's and rope pendants are some of the many choices in casual lighting. The mix of interesting textures will transform your space into a home with character. Our Boat House is known for our unusual lighting choices perfect for a beach house or casual lifestyle.

Nautical lighting is also a perfect design element to add to a coastal style home. Our Boat House is one of the country's largest suppliers of authentic ship lighting. Add a of touch of history with an authentic ship's copper light over a dining table or kitchen counter. These fox lights once lit the cargo bays of old ships. Our solid brass or aluminum sconces, such as the convoy sconce or the 90 degree passageway lights, are perfect for bath rooms, hallways, entry ways or just as an accent light in a living room. Solid brass dock lighting such our Belfast light or Nautical Masthead Piling Light, will add everlasting richness to your docks, decks or entryways.

Determining size: For chandeliers there are a couple of rules you can follow but they are not hard and fast. Our Boat House always provides expert design advise to ensure you are buying the right light for your space.

- Add the length and width of your room to determine the diameter of the chandelier, for example if your dining room is 15 x 20, then the diameter of your chandelier should be 35 inches.

- Another guide is that the chandelier should be 1/2 to 3/4 the width of the dining table

- To determine the height of the chandelier, it is important to take into account the over all scale of the room, but it is usually hung 30 to 32 inches above the dining table.


Sconces can be hung at 6 feet off the floor with a ceiling height of 8 foot. If the ceiling is 9 feet or more the sconce can be hung at 6 foot 6 inches off the floor.



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