Light Up Your Life with Outdoor Lighting

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It's no secret we love the outdoors as much as our clients and the right lighting will allow you to enjoy outdoor living into the night. Lighting is part of the overall ambience of your home, as well as extending your enjoyment and function of your outdoor spaces. Lights can accent a wall, brighten a dark corner, light up an outdoor dining area, light a pathway or dock, light the perimeter of a deck or the columns of an entryway. Ambient lighting can be achieved by incorporating hanging lights, post lights and wall lights. Our collection of authentic marine lights that were once used on old ships are not only beautiful, but also made out of the strongest materials available. Our solid brass fixtures are beautifully made and you can feel the quality with the heavy weight of these fixtures. We also have durable aluminum fixtures that withstand the toughest elements. They come in a variety of designs, from 90 degree passageway lights and piling lights to hanging lights. Our authentic ship lights evoke a nautical feel with a sense of history.

Wall Lights

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Our Brass Convoy Sconce Lights and our 90 Degree Passageway Lights can be used on an exterior wall, on a dock piling or on a gate posts...the possibilities are endless. They are great on either side of a door or even used indoors on either side of a mirror. They come in solid brass or aluminum, as well as in different sizes. They are authentic ship salvage lights and are available with or without UL wiring.

Hanging Lights

Our Ship Brass Hanging Light with Shade can be hung on a patio, in an outdoor entryway or indoor powder room - anyplace you need a smaller hanging light, this fixture makes a great accent. The Ship Cargo - Fox lights once lit the decks of old ships. It's made of copper and brass and works well over a patio dining table or inside over a kitchen island. For longer tables or counters we have used them in pairs. This stunning fixture makes a glowing statement. These fixtures are also considered ship salvage and come with or without UL wiring 

"Designers and people in general are too attracted by 'new' but nothing ages more quickly than 'newness'. All my objects reflect a marriage between past and present" -Le Corbusier

Piling Lights

Our authentic brass piling or dock lights are simply beautiful in their classic designs. These incredible lights are perfect on a dock, on entry columns, on a stone patio wall or along a pathway. They come in several styles and are also available with or without UL wiring.


Does the UL wiring take a regular light bulb?

Yes, the UL wiring option on our ship salvage lights allow you to use a regular screw in light bulb.

How old are the ship lights?


When the old ships work is done, the interior pieces are stripped at a ship breaking yard. They are typically found near ports like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Java and Turkey. The special pieces that once adorned the old ship's walls, passageways, the bridge or command center of a ship - are sold to collectors like us. The uniqueness of this is they are are rich in style, history and longevity, as they have withstood the sea- worthy elements. From ship wheels to ship lights, we have salvage from all over the world and the age varies..