Design Tips: Create Great Outdoor Coastal Spaces

Design Tips: Create Great Outdoor Coastal Spaces

Design Tips: Create Great Outdoor Coastal Spaces

5 Coastal chic design tips for big impact in small spaces.

1. Indoor/ Outdoor. Use pieces that look like they belong inside. This tends to blur the line of defined outdoor space. A great paired with a boathouse that can withstand the elements will create the perfect outdoor space with big coastal style.

2. Statement Piece. Don't be afraid to go big and bold with one great design piece. One big element can create a focal point for a garden area, drawing attention and prompting people to gather there. A super example of this would be in the center of your coastal outdoor living room.

3. Utilize Every Little Inch. Don't forget to utilize balconies! Fill that space with a coastal or swing to make the best use of the space. This will add a great place to lounge or get lost in a book.

4. Go Vertical. Add a garden even if you don't think you have the space to spare for a little green. Vertical gardens can fit in small spaces with ease, when you can't expand out go up.

5. Mirrored Space. Create the illusion of more by hanging a large mirror outdoor to reflect light and make the space feel like it continues. A large is the prefect addition to any outdoor coastal space.

Design tips for living big in small . Creating a big coastal design in a small

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