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Bar Cart by Society Social


Old Rattan Cart (found at garage sale)

Drop Cloth

Sanding Block


2 Cans of Spray Paint – RUST-OLEUM 2 x Ultra Cover in Gloss Navy Blue

Painter’s Tape


Lightly sand down the rattan then wipe off dust.  

Cover wheels with painter’s tape to protect from spray paint.  

Shake spray paint can vigorously and begin to spray rattan.  Continuously move spray over surface in broad strokes to avoid excess paint and drips.

Allow first coat to dry for about 30-45 mins.  Then turn cart upside down and paint any missed spots.  

Apply second coat of spray paint, turning cart as needed.  Expect to use 1 can and 3/4 of second can.  Allow to dry 1-2 hours before moving inside.

Before & After Bar Cart DIY

A coastal DIY to try before the holidays sneak up on you. Coastal bar cart painted in nautical navy is perfect for entertaining.


Bar Cart by Society Social

DIY by Pender and Peony

Seashell Dream Catcher DIY

It is important to decorate your dream
catcher with your favprite items. We figured you would want to showcase some of the seashells you have collected.

Coastal DIY Seashell Dream Catcher
1. Tie a head knot to where you want your dream catcher to
hang from and then macramé your quilting hoop. I decided I wanted to spray paint one
of my hoops gold and add ribbon to another. You could modpodge fabric, or tightly warp it with yarn.

2. Lay your doily in the center of the quilting hoop and then secure the horizontal sides first, being sure to stretch and secure tightly. The best way to secure evenly is to divide by sections. I opted for 9 & 3 then 12 & 6 and so forth (clock sections). This way you can secure each side with even tension. Don't cut your twine after, let it dangle so you can attach your adornments.

3. Once your doily web is bound evenly inside the hoop, start adding your adornments. Braid ribbons and twine, add tassels, ornaments, feathers, shells, driftwood, beads, crystals, chimes, or anything of significance to you! If you're hoping for a little extra glamour in your dream-scapades, use Mod-Podge or another adhesive to glitter up your feather tips!

Hot glue proved to be incredibly helpful when working with fishing line and the beads.
Don't be afraid to over do it. You can always refine your choices.

A great coastal DIY to put those sweet little seashells you collected along the shore to use. Coastal DIY, seashell dream catcher you will love.

Coastal DIY Link & Credit:

Seashell Dream Catcher DIY

Coastal DIY Beach Towel


White, 100% cotton towel
Rit liquid dye
Bucket or large bowl
2 yards fringed cotton trim (I found this at Hobby Lobby)

Fray Check

Sewing machine with white cotton thread
Large elastic bands


Step 1: Wrap Elastic Bands Around the Towel to Create Patterns

I tested out three different styles and patterns on towels. The pink towel was only dyed on the two ends of the towel. I wrapped four elastic bands about 1½ inches apart (as shown below). I used two to three elastic bands on each stripe and made sure they were very snug. For the single green circle in the center of the towel, I picked the towel up from the very center and then added six elastic bands about 1-inch apart. 

Step 2: Prepare the Dye

In a bucket or large bowl, mix about 1/3 of a bottle of Rit liquid dye with about 1/2 gallon of hot water.

Step 3: Dip the Towel in the Dye

Always dye with hot water and rinse with cold water. It will help the dye set. Also adding a couple tablespoons of white vinegar in the rinse water can help keep the colors more vibrant.

Step 4: Rinse Out the Dye

Because I wanted to keep my dye patterns in specific spots on the towels and wanted to keep the rest of the towel crisp white, I was very careful when rinsing the dye out. I ran the dyed portions of the towel under running cold water for quite awhile. When the water started to run clear, I removed the rubber bands (the easiest way is to just cut them with a pair of scissors).

To help set the color, rinse the dyed portions of the towels in a some cold water with a couple tablespoons of white vinegar.

Line dry or put the towels in the dryer.

Step 5: Pin the Trim to the Ends of the Towel

Cut the fringed trim to the length of the towel's widths. Pin the trim to the ends of the towel. Turn the raw edges of the trim under.

Step 6: Sew the Trim to the Towel

Using a sewing machine, sew the trim onto the towel.

Step 7: Prevent the Edges of the Trim From Fraying

Apply a small amount of Fray Check to the edges of the trim. Allow it it to dry completely.

Summer is the perfect time to get crafty and make some fun things for your coastal home or next  beach vacation. These easy and inexpensive towels are sure to make a splash!


Bohemian Beach Towel

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