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One Kings Lane Exclusive Rope Project for Design Sponge

Coastal DIY Nautical Rope Shelf

This shipshape shelving is made out of two precut wood planks, rope, and a little nautical hardware. This piece looks especially chic when placed in a utilitarian space like a kitchen or a bath.


four 6- to 8-foot lengths of 5/8-inch rope
four 6- to 8-foot lengths of 1/2-inch rope
2 wooden shelves (mine were 8 inches deep and 24 inches long)
a drill
a 1/2-inch spade bit
2 hooks (I used diamond pad eyes, each with a 3 3/16-inch ring)
a lighter (singeing the ends of the rope after you cut it will prevent fraying)


Use the 1/2-inch spade bit to drill holes in each of the four corners of the shelves. Then paint the shelves on all sides.

Take one length of thin and one length of thick rope, and thread them halfway through the ring of the hardware. Then tie two knots about 12 inches from the ring in each direction.

Nautical Rope Shelf Directions

Thread the rope ends through the holes of the first shelf, and knot under the shelf to secure.

Separate the thin green ropes, and knot them together to form the X on the side of your shelving.

Rejoin the thick and thin ropes, and knot both sides about 13 inches from the bottom of the top shelf.

A beautiful DIY with a nautical design feel. This nautical rope shelf DIY is an easy coastal design that will go in almost any space.


Nautical Rope Shelf

Coastal DIY Beach Specimen Display Shadow Box

Coastal DIY Beach Specimen Display Shadow Box


Beach specimen such as shells, driftwood, and seaweed. If you won’t make it to the beach this summer, you can purchase most of these things at a craft store!
Shadow box frame (I got mine at a craft store)
Card stock
Embroidery thread and needle

Glue gun and hot glue


First, cut your card stock so that it fits snugly in your shadow box frame. If you’re using embroidery thread like I did, flip the card stock over and add little dots or lines as a guide for where you’d like to place the thread.

Use a needle and thread to embroider your card stock. I made tiny x-shapes and uneven lines. I wanted to keep this feeling irregular and raw.

Next, arrange your specimen on your card stock however you’d like. Play around with different placements until you find one that feels just right!

Finally, glue your arrangement in place using hot glue, and insert the card stock into the shadow box. You’re all set!


Nautical DIY for all those cool coastal beach treasures found along the seashore. Seaside coastal decor  and nautical DIY you will love.


Photo Credit & DIY Link:

Coastal Specimen Shadow Box DIY by Free People

DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath Tutorial with step by step instructions to create your own Magnolia Leaf Wreath with a Dollar Tree foam wreath form. 

Magnolia Leaf Wreath DIY

      Magnolia Leaves (you will need at least 60)
      Foam Wreath Form


Step 1: Collect the magnolia leaves.
Leave the stem as long as possible because that is what you use to insert the leaves into the foam.

Step 2: Insert those leaves into the foam wreath form.

Seriously. It’s that easy.

You just start sticking the leaves right into the foam. The hardest part is collecting the leaves!

This 15 Minute DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath tutorial is easy and inexpensive. Magnolia leaf wreath is a classic coastal design you will love.


Magnolia Leaf Wreath DIY by Southern State Of Mind

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