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Nautical Knot Bracelet

Step 1: Measure and Cut

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

First, make a measuring rope. This will help you create a bracelet that fits perfectly. Wrap the measuring tape around the bony part of your wrist, making sure the fit is snug but not too tight. For a tighter fit, round the measurement to the nearest 1/2 inch. For a looser fit, add an extra inch to your measurement. Cut the rope to this measurement.

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

Next, set your clasp next to the piece of cut rope, and trim away the total length of the clasp. This will be your measuring rope; set it aside.

Step 2: Create Your Knot

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

Next, cut 2 pieces of rope measuring at least 22 inches long. Fold one piece of rope in half, and tape the cut ends together using the masking tape. Repeat with the other piece of rope.

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

To create a carrick knot, take one of your long, taped pieces of rope and make a loop with the masking taped end on the underside, pointing upwards. We’ll call the taped end of this loop “a” and the other end of the loop “b.”

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

Take the second piece of looped, taped rope and place it on top of the loop you created. The end with the tape facing upwards will be end “A.” The looped end that faces downwards will be end “B.”

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

Wrap “A” under “a,” and over “b” of the previous loop you created.

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

Next, wrap end “A” under the loop created with your other piece of rope, over end “B,” and back under the loop (photographed above).

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

Pull on all four ends of your knot to tighten it. If it looks wonky, use your fingers to even out the rope and flatten your knot.

Step 3: The Perfect Fit

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

To finish your bracelet, you need to bring the ends of the cord together. You’ll want the taped rope ends to be shorter and the looped ends to be longer. Cut both of the taped ends (“a” and “A”) to be approximately 1 to 1 ½ inches in length.

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

Place the measuring rope you made in Step 1 next to your bracelet as a guide, so that the knot aligns with the center of the rope. Take one of the looped ends and fold it back over itself so that it lines up with the end of your measuring rope. Take the taped end of the bracelet and place it over the folded side. Mark a line where the ropes meet.

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

Unfold the longer, marked rope and apply a thin layer of tape over the marking. Trim at the line and repeat on the other side.

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

To add your hardware, choose the side you want to have the clasp. Slide the clasp onto the end of the longer piece of rope. Fold that piece back to meet the shorter piece of rope.

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

Dab glue where the ends meet, holding them down until the bond is made. Cover with masking tape. Repeat this step on the other side, without the clasp to make a loop of rope that the clasp will catch to close the bracelet. If you’d like a larger fit, you can add a jump ring to this side before you glue the rope.

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

To finish the bracelet, cover the masking tape with wrapped embroidery floss. You’ll want to secure the floss with a square knot, hold the tail end against the masking tape and wrap tightly until the tape is covered.

Tie off the floss with a knot, then use a needle to hide the tail under the wrapped section. Trim. Repeat these steps on the other side of your bracelet.

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY

If you want to add a little bling, you can add accents like studs, paint, or rhinestone chain.

All photographs by Romain Laurent.

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY SUPPLIES:

Nautical Knot Bracelet DIY Supplies

Cotton, paracord or maritime cord
Measuring tape
Light-colored masking tape
E-600 glue or hot glue gun
Large spring clasp
Embroidery floss
Large needle


Paint brush and acrylic paint
Rhinestone chain
Iron-on studs
Large jump rings 

Bring a little sea inspired flair to your style with this bright, bold nautical knot bracelet DIY. A nautical DIY with seaside style and creativity, add this nautical knot bracelt to your wrist for a seafaring touch. 


Nautical Knot DIY Bracelet & Tutorial by Clare McGibbon

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