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Coastal DIY Sea Urchin Air Pant

Step 1 – Select your air plant and sea urchin. For bigger sea urchins I used the Caput Medusae as they give the effect of a spindly octopus. For the smaller sea urchin I used the Lonantha Peanuts. The size of the bottom opening of the English Channel Urchins determines which size air plant you will use.
Step 2 – Wrap fishing line around the “neck” of the air plant, working your way up to the top of the air plant criss cross the left and right “arms” of the fishing line, knot quarter inch from the top. 
Step 3 –  Taking the loose end of the fishing line knot it on to an ornament hanger.
Step 4 – Feed fishing line and ornament hanger through bottom opening and then top opening until the air plant bits snuggly in the bottom opening.
Step 5 – Pick a spot where there is adequate but not direct sunlight and hang.

Not the DIY type or a few too many steps from the ocean and therefore unable to comb the beach for a dried-out sea urchin? Purchase a Jellyfish Air Plant Kit here.

Sea life DIY you will love. Sea urchin air pant coastal DIY to create hanging plants with a sea inspired design.

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Sea Urchin Air Plant DIY

Photo credit:

Sea Urchin Air Pant Hanging In Macrame 

 Coastal DIY colorful bag tassle


assorted colored cotton tassels
1 yard of hemp twine
seam ripper
embroidery needle

Coastal DIY colorful bag tassle

With a seam ripper, remove the string attached to the top of each tassel.

                 Coastal DIY colorful bag tassle

Tie a double knot at the end of the twine. Thread the other end through an embroidery needle and push it through the bottom of a tassel.


Coastal DIY colorful bag tassle

Pull the twine through until it stops at your double knot. Tie another double knot about an inch from the top of the tassel.

Coastal DIY colorful bag tassle

Thread on another tassel and push it down until it hits the double knot. Continue adding knots and tassels until you’ve reached the desired amount of tassels for one side. Once you’re ready to start the other side, leave 3 inches from the top of the last tassel and the following knot.

Coastal DIY colorful bag tassle

This time, you’ll thread the tassel on from the top and then tie a double knot. Continue adding tassels and tying double knots until you’ve reached the desired length. Trim away any access twine.

Coastal DIY colorful bag tassle

Tie the charm around the handle of any bag and your bag is stylishly ready for the beach.

A beachy DIY to get your tote bag ready for warm weather and days spent at the beach. Colorful and easy tassel DIY.


Tassel Bag Charm DIY

10 Cotton Tassels from Etsy

Coastal DIY seaglass windchime

Seaglass windchime DIY instructions

Seaglass windchime tools and supplies


Lay out the seaglass by color in ombre.

Driftwood branch and string

Attach the string to the driftwood branch to form a hanger, tie knots and dab a bit of glue to ensure a tight hold.

String the seaglass

String the seaglass together with the craft wire, from light to dark pieces will give you the ombre effect.

Seaglass windchime

Last step to create your ocean art is to attach the seaglass strands to the driftwood branch and viola you have made a beautiful masterpiece.

This was one of our most popular coastal blog posts. Create your own beautiful ocean treasure ombre seaglass windchime and share a photo with us.

Photo credits:

Ombre seaglass wind chime by The Rubbish Revival

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