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Here are a few design tips from the crew for designing a coastal beach house the kids & dog can live in without destroying.

Coastal Living Room with Slipcover Sofas

 SLIPCOVER sofas are a great way to create a comfy, coastal, durable design in any space.  Slipcovers make it easy to keep your sofa looking fresh. Slipcovers are made of washable fabric that create worry-free beach house living. So grab the kids and the dog and invite the family to stretch out or curl up on your coastal sofa without a care. Don’t be afraid of white, slipcovers are washable.

Design tips for a kid & dog friendly coastal home

WASHABLE PAINT  will make it easy to wipe off life's paw prints, scuff marks and kid's impromptu art sessions from the walls.

INDOOR/OUTDOOR AREA RUGS are a great way to protect the floors in style. Ground any space while adding a coastal stripe for a beachy look. Indoor/ Outdoor rugs are super easy to clean!

Indoor Outdoor coastal area rugs

WEATHERED WOOD TABLES have an aged and worn in design that make it easy to hide scratches and scuffs the family can make. It's kinda like after you get that first scratch on your new car, the next one isn't so bad.  These beachy weathered wood tables will give your home a beautiful coastal design while hiding the daily wear and tear a family can do. 

Weathered wood tables

ROUND TABLES are another trick to avoiding disaster. Round edges are more forgiving when the dog is chasing the kids around the house. 

Design tips from The Crew at Our Boat House. Create a family friendly coastal design the whole crew can enjoy.


Our Boat House

White slipcover living room

Clean white. White doesn't hide dirt well so when selecting furniture, choose slipcover furniture rather than upholstered. Slipcover furniture allows you and your family to stretch out or curl up without a worry. Easy to remove and wash slipcover fabric designed to last. Slipcover pieces can be easily washed which is perfect for casual coastal style living. When painting floors, use an oil based floor enamel because It cleans with soap and water and resists scratches and stains.

Coastal Cottage White

Know your undertones. There are countless shades of white paint. Choosing a white paint with pink undertones gives a warm and inviting feel to your room, while blue undertones can feel cool and tend to feel more formal.

Slipcover white coastal nautical living room

A neutral palate.  White coastal slipcover furniture offers a clean coastal backdrop.  White slipcover furnishings make adding pops of color easy and changing your accessories is a breeze, you have a clean slate each time to be creative.

Bright clean light. White creates a play on light, constantly changing throughout the day and always making the space feel bright. It also makes a small space appear large and airy, a character found in most coastal homes.

Tricks and tips to designing your coastal home with coastal whites. Whitewashed coastal design made easy with a few simple tips from the crew at Our Boat House.


White Slipcover Beach House Living Room

Coastal Cottage White Beach House Sitting Room

 Coastal White Slipcover Nautical Living Room

Create a more inviting coastal design with these great coastal design tips.

Coastal Living Room

Clean Slate. It’s much easier to envision the best room design when your space is empty. Pull everything in the space out. Next you want to work out from the focal point in the space and arrange your furniture around it.

Name The Space. Consider how your space will be used, will it be the living room or family room? What is the purpose in the space, who will be using it and how will traffic flow? It should be coastal comfy and have seaside style.

Create The Floor Plan & Furniture Layout, Draw the room’s dimensions, noting the placement of windows, focal points and doorways. Using graph paper and a drafting ruler calculates your dimensions and makes the planning easier. Then measure the furniture , draw scaled replicas, cut them out so you can move them around on your floor plan so you can find the arrangement that works and fits best. 

Coastal slipcover sofa and coffee table

Remember these guidelines when creating your floor plan:

Allow 18 inches between the coffee table and the front of your slipcovered sofa.

Leave at least 24 inches of walking space between the coffee table and the entertainment/TV area. 

Place the largest furniture pieces first.

Conversation areas should have furniture arranged no more than 8 feet apart, and all seats should face each other for best conversation.

Remember to include adequate lighting, especially for reading areas.

Allow enough room for cabinets, doors and drawers to open easily.

Dining space, you need to keep at least 2 feet of space between the back of each chair and the wall.

Coastal Dining Room

These guidelines are not set in stone but they will guide you to create an inviting coastal design to live in.

Design tips to help you create the best furniture layout for your beach house style. Coastal design tips and layout ideas for your beach house living.


Coastal Living Room

Coastal Slipcover Sofa And Coffee Table Layout

Coastal Dining Room

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