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An important but overlooked component of interior design is texture. You can have the most beautiful design in the world, but if it strikes the same visual tone throughout, it will feel flat. Here are 10 ways you can add texture to your home.

Nautical Design Living Room

1. Color Tones. Decorating a room in all the same tone is a wasted opportunity. Using only one shade of a color looks flat; choose two or preferably three and mix them between coastal accessories,rugs, furniture and paint.

Coastal room with white slipcover, driftwood, rope and glass ball lanterns

2. Accent wall. Wallpapering or painting an accent wall a different color will add dimension and texture to the room without being overpowering.

3. Glazing. Adding a glaze to paint on the wall adds automatic texture and gives off a subtle glow when light hits it. Glaze also reflects the natural lighting in the room, creating a warmer effect.

4. Emphasize the ceiling. The ceiling is an important fifth wall in a room, paint it an interesting color, to give the room a textured feel. Using complementary color or shade, like a lighter gray ceiling with medium gray on the walls. A lighter shade on the ceiling can often make it feel higher.
Coastal Dining Room With Mirror
5. Mirrors. Hanging a coastal mirror will reflect and cast light in a room defining existing textures and creating new. Mirrors also create the illusion of a bigger space, giving you more reasons to add a great mirror to your space.

6. Window treatments. Dressing your windows with fabric or woven blinds creates layers and texture while giving the space a finished look.

Beach House Coastal Living Room
7. Area rugs. A coastal area rug instantly defines a space. Natural wood flooring is always beautiful, but looks far better with the layered, textured effect an area rug gives.
8. Mix textures in your fabrics. When it comes to fabrics don't use the same texture. For example, If you have pillows on the sofa in the same color family make sure they're not all the same fabric or print. Use a variety of textures and prints to automatically add interest to the entire space.

9. Weathered Wood. Weather it's a reclaimed wood dining table or a great piece of driftwood displayed on the wall, wood is an effortless representation of texture.

Nautical Layered Lighitng

10. Layer lighting. Having overhead lighting, sea inspired chandeliers, task lighting and soft tabletop lighting adds dimension to your space. Light casts shadows and adds brightness, creating layers and texture.

10 Ways to add coastal texture style with layers and finishes. Design tips to give depth to your coastal home design and decor.
Coastal furnishings, accessories and lighting with rope
Nautical rope decor and accents for your beach house design. A round up of some of our favorite beach house designs with rope. 

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5 Coastal chic design tips for big impact in small spaces.

Coastal Chic Slipcover Outdoor Living Room

1. Indoor/ Outdoor. Use pieces that look like they belong inside. This tends to blur the line of defined outdoor space. A great outdoor slipcover sofa paired with a boathouse striped area rug that can withstand the elements will create the perfect outdoor space with big coastal style.

Laguna Fire Bowl

2. Statement Piece. Don't be afraid to go big and bold with one great design piece. One big element can create a focal point for a garden area, drawing attention and prompting people to gather there. A super example of this would be fire bowl in the center of your coastal outdoor living room. 

Hanging Day Bed On Balcony

3. Utilize Every Little Inch. Don't forget to utilize balconies! Fill that space with a coastal hanging day bed or swing to make the best use of the space.  This will add a great place to lounge or get lost in a book.

Salvaged Shutter Vertical Garden

4. Go Vertical. Add a garden even if you don't think you have the space to spare for a little green. Vertical gardens can fit in small spaces with ease, when you can't expand out go up.

Coastal Outdoor Living With Drifwood Mirror

5. Mirrored Space. Create the illusion of more by hanging a large mirror outdoor to reflect light and make the space feel like it continues. A large driftwood mirror is the prefect addition to any outdoor coastal space.

Design tips for living big in small outdoor coastal spaces. Creating a big coastal design in a small outdoor space.


Slipcover Coastal Chic Outdoor Living Room By Laura Engen

Laguna Fire Bowl

Hanging Day Bed On Balcony

Salvaged Shutter Garden

Outdoor Driftwood Mirror In Coastal Courtyard

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