How to: DIY Coastal nautical globe pandant lights

Coastal nautical globe light DIY

Coastal nautical globe pendant light DIY

Coastal globe DIY

Inexpensive cardboard world globe
Pndant light kit
Keyless shell socket
X-Acto knife
40-watt light bulb

1. Remove the globe from the stand.
2. With the X-Acto knife, slice along the equator seam of the globe until it comes apart in two halves.
3. Remove the entire socket cover and socket from the light kit.
4. Poke the female end of the cord (the part left after you removed the socket from the kit) through the North Pole hole so it's inside the globe. (The female end is not the end that you plug into the outlet.)
5. Hold the socket cover inside the globe and poke the female end of the wire through it.
6. Attach the wire to the keyless shell socket by wrapping the exposed wire ends to the socket and then screwing each one onto the socket. The white wire (the one with writing on it) goes to the silver screw side; the non-writing wire to the gold screw.
7. Pull the socket cover over the socket.
8. Screw in a light bulb.
9. Pull the cord until the socket is near the top inside of the globe.
10. Hang and enjoy.

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Nautical globe lights

Nautical globe pandant light DIY

DIY links for supplies:

Pendant cord and socket kit



I am going to make these tomorrow. Thanks so much.
  6 years ago -  
How totally adorable!!!! Birthday gift for my Aunt - Thanks for posting!
  5 years ago -  
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