Coastal DIY: Ice Tie Dye DIY

Coastal DIY: Ice Tie Dye

What You’ll Need
White fabric/garment (cotton works best)
Soda ash or ‘Washing soda’ (you can get this at pool shops and some craft stores)
Rubber gloves
Cooling rack
Plastic tub (big enough for cooling rack)
Ice (you’ll need enough to cover garments/material)
Dust mask
Apron or old clothing
Plastic spoons
Dye powder (however many different colours you’d like. You can pick these up at some craft stores or online)
Old sheets or tarpaulin

1. Pre-wash fabric with detergent to eliminate dirt, oil or makeup etc.

2. Mix soda ash in bucket (1 cup per 3.5 litres of water). Put the fabric in and let it soak. After approximately 15-20 minutes take out the fabric and squeeze out excess solution (whilst wearing rubber gloves).

3. Scrunch up or plait fabric and place on cooling rack in tub.

4. Cover fabric with ice then put on dust mask.

5. Using a plastic spoon, sprinkle dust powder over the ice until your masterpiece is complete.

6. Cover with a tarpaulin or old sheet and leave for 24 hours.

7. After 24 hours take out the fabric and rinse in cold, running water before machine washing.


Yen Mag Ice Tie Dye DIY


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