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The Signe rug from Ikea is far too small for its intended use. It is, however, the perfect size for so many other things, including a large beach tote. After brining home the rug in every color way, I experimented and created the easiest method to creating the perfect summer beach bag.

Coastal Rug Bag DIY

You’ll need:

an Ikea Signe rug (approx 22″ x 33″)
leather purse handles (I bought mine here)
sewing machine
heavy duty sewing machine needles
waxed cord
sewing pins

Start by ironing your rug flat with an iron on a steam setting. After the rug is dry fold the ends in about 2 inches and pin them in place.

Coastal Rug Bag DIY

After each end is folded in, sew a straight line right above the fringe. Because the rug is so thick, you’ll want to use a heavy duty, leather sewing needle.

Also, because the material is so weighty, you might want to use your hand to guide the rug underneath the machine’s foot so that the rug doesn’t misalign. Once both sides are sewn, fold the rug in half with the fringe sides facing in.

Now sew the vertical edges together. When you get to the top, over the folded section, you might want to guide your machine manually if the machine is having a hard time getting through the thickness.

Once both vertical sides are sewn, pinch the bottom corners and pin them in place.

Coastal Rug Bag DIY

Sew the corners, using the vertical lines of the rug as a guide. Repeat on the other side.

Turn the bag right side out. See how sewing that corner give you a nice tailored frame?

Coastal Rug Bag DIY

Now it’s time to reinforce the edges. I also like using the vertical lines of the rug as a guide here. Sew the edges together, with the smallest hem you can leave. Here, I’m about 1/8″ from the edge.

You can stop sewing right before you get to the fringed fold.

Add the leather handles by first threading your needle with waxed linen cord. Tie the end of the cord into a double knot and pull the needle from the bottom of the bag, through one of the pre-punched holes of the strap.

Make your first stick and bring the needle back up, skipping a stich. And then back down, completing the stitch. This is called a back stitch.

Continue doing the back stitch until you’ve sewn the entire base of the strap to the top of the bag. Repeat on the rest of the sides.

Coastal Rug Bag DIY

Create a cute summer tote with this DIY, a sewing machine and a few supplies. Kick up your coastal summer style with this great beach tote, this will be your favorite bag to carry.

DIY Credit & Link:

Ikea Signe Rug Bag

 Lola Ehrlich of Lola Hats is sharing a super easy tutorial for one of her best sellers: The Alpargatas. Check out he way she’s threaded grosgrain ribbon through the crown of the oversized raffia hat, leaving just enough slack to tie around the neck. And the raw, fringed edge and erratic stitching is a whimiscal coastal design. We are in love with this hat – it’s sure to be a spring and summer staple!

Fringed Straw Hat DIY

You’ll need:

straw hat with frayed edges
6-7 feet of 7/8″ grosgrain ribbon
6 1/4″ eyelets and washers
eyelet setter
seam ripper (optional)

Start by removing the original trim off the hat. This particular trim was glued on and easy to simply peel off. If any trim is stitched onto the hat, just use the seam ripper to help you remove it.

Raffia Hat DIY

There should be a single line of stitching to prevent the raffia from fraying. To create a more dramatic fringe (because, who doesn’t love drama?!), you can remove this seam with a seam ripper and use your fingers to undo the weave.

Summer Hat DIY

Then, with a thread color that matches your grosgrain ribbon, start stewing a pattern onto the hat. I’m not a proficient sewer so a freehand stitch seemed the most foolproof way to go. Plus, I love the squiggly pattern. To do this, just double knot your first stitch and just let the machine go at it. Seriously. Rotate the brim of the hat, moving it left and right, and let the machine do the work!

Raffia Hat DIY

Now you’ll create 6 eyelets. I initially purchased a hand eyelet setter, not realizing it wouldn’t work for a hat of this size. You’ll need a two piece eyelet setting. Push the eyelet through the hat in the locations outlined below. Place the washer over the eyelet from the inside of the hat. Line up the front of the eyelet over the base of the eyelet setter and place the setter over the washer. Use a mallot or hammer and give it a few good blows. You should have 6 eyelets total. Two on the right and left, close to the brim of the hat. And then 2 the crown, one on each side.

Thread the grosgrain ribbon through the left two eyelets and the up through the crown. Bring it around to the right side and back down through the two eyelets above the brim. Iron the grosgrain ribbon flat.

Summer coastal hat

And now you have the perfect summer coastal hat.

A cool DIY for Summer, this fringed raffia hat is a stylish DIY to keep the sun off your face.  Create the perfect summer coastal hat with this great DIY.

DIY Credit & Link: 

Fringed Raffia Hat

Coastal DIY- Floating Bug Repellent Candles

Enjoy your Summer nights with the help of scented glass jars topped with floating candles that keep bugs away.  This easy DIY gives your lemon and orange peels a second life. Citronella essential oil, which you can find at your local health food store, and a few floating candles from the dollar store creates a really chic outdoor candle that  keeps annoying insects from bugging you.

Let's put your jars together:

  • Fill the jars with citrus and herbs to create a beautiful scent bugs hate. Bugs don't care for the smell of lemon, orange, cinnamon, lavender, or rosemary. Cut your citrus and herbs into two-inch sections so they don't bunch the top of jars and overturn the floating candle.
  • After placing items in the jars, add 20 to 30 drops of the citronella essential oil, and then top with hot water around 100˚F, which will develop the scent. For fun you can add a drop of food coloring or superfine glitter to make them sparkle.  Allow the water to cool before taking outdoors.
  • Float a citronella-, rosemary-, or vanilla-scented candle at the top of the jar and light. The finished candles look awesome at night and are wonderfully safe for small areas.
  • But we did find you need quite a few bunched together to really keep some bugs from visiting. So make a collection, arrange them around your patio, and sit back and enjoy the glow — and your bug-free outdoors!

Summertime DIY that's so fun, easy and coastal chic. Floating bug repellent candles perfect for outdoor coastal summer nights.

DIY Credit:

Bug Repellent Candles by Pop Sugar

Nest Of Posies Summertime Floating Candles

Love the beauty of seaglass,what a fantastic way to display it!!!! An love the ombre effect!!!
-   1 month ago -
-   1 month ago -
I LOVE the BEACH HOUSE TOUR!! We don't have ANYTHING like this in Quebec unfortunatly... Our bedroom is white and blue with many beach accents. I took my ideas from you! We've got it since 20 years and it is still update!
-   2 months ago -
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