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Since summer is in full swing, after all 4th of July is in two days, we wanted to pull together some of our favorite summer essentials that every beach house could benefit from having!

Let's be real, one of the most important summer staples is a good quality sun lounger. Whether the beach is in your backyard or not this Deck Lounge Chair With Leg Rest will elevate your outdoor space and can easily be carried to and fro. 

If you're looking for something more stationary the Aspect Low Back Adirondack Chair combines relaxation with style so you can chill out after a long day in the sun. 

Nothing says summer like a good Indoor/Outdoor Rug that can handle all of the elements. We have a wide variety of rugs that live up to the hype all summer long. Bring your outdoor space together for warm summer nights with Catamaran Stripe Denim/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Rug.  

An easy way to switch up your inside decor is with a statement chandelier. Try one of our sea shell chandeliers, like the Natural Oyster Shell Chandelier, to bring in a light and airy touch of the sea. 

A must have for the summer is a nice, light-weight linen throw. Curling up outside by the fire or laying it down in the sand to soak up the sun. Our Maui Linen Throws are a timeless accessory that will last many summers to come. 

Don't worry we didn't forget about all of the hosting you will be doing this summer. Here are our favorite table top essentials. 

The perfect pair for a simple summer cookout is always our Marine Life Placemats and either the Red Lobster Twin Napkin Box or the Sand Dollar Beaded Napkin Box. The placemats bring a fun pop of color to the table and are disposable which means less of a cleanup for all those messy summer meals. 

For more summer essentials for every beach house browse the crew's favorites picks here

Hotel Joaquin

Nestled among the cliffs of Laguna Beach, Hotel Joaquin is everything you could possibly want in a boutique hotel. What used to be The Motor Inn Laguna Beach, Hotel Joaquin, inspired by the Mexican land grant of Rancho San Joaquin, is now a “seaside sanctuary”.

The Decor:

The decor and design immediately caught our eye upon arrival. Think the perfect mix of natural elements and modern design that play so well together to create an open and inviting bungalow where no one feels out of place. Featuring one-of-a-kind vintage pieces scattered throughout, the designers drew inspiration “from the island of St. Barths, the 1950s Southern California beach culture, and the timeless and prestige aesthetic of the Mediterranean coast” to create a dazzling hillside community.

It’s the little things:

The attention to detail is apparent in the best way throughout this hotel. From the welcoming staff, who is available via text to bring you your morning coffee or tea, to the complimentary spritz upon arrival and their very own record library which guests can browse through and grab their favorite album to play in their own room.

Once settled into our room, the lack of TV’s allowed time for us to unwind without all the noise. Instead, a Tom Petty record spun in the background as we sipped our spritz and got ready for dinner at Saline.


Arguably the most memorable time from our stay at Hotel Joaquin was dinner at Saline. Think less of a sit down meal and more of a complete dining experience you’ll surely never forget. Saline is exclusive for those staying at the hotel. You’re welcome to bring guests as long as it’s a 1:1 ratio, which made it feel all the more special.

We ordered all of the most popular appetizers and two entrees to split among five people. Every single thing was out of this world BUT if we had to choose a favorite it would have to be the Truffled Tuna, like a poke with a truffle oil incorporated and served with a flaky almost croissant like pita or the Sea Bass, cooked to perfection, that it almost melts in your mouth and served on a bed of forbidden rice with a coconut milk sauce. And yes, all the others dishes where this decadent.

Believe it or not the food wasn’t even the best part, the chef, Leo Bongarra, former executive chef of LA’s Sunset Tower Hotel, sat with us after we had finished eating for at least an hour chatting and telling his story. The way he speaks of Saline, his passion for cooking and his love for the special community of Laguna Beach was truly something and it’s no wonder they’ve created such a special place to gather. We then got a tour of the kitchen, which reminded me of a New York City vibe of a kitchen, tiny, hot but magic taking place everywhere.

If you stay at this hotel only to experience Saline, you won’t be disappointed. Breakfast is also on the house and of course chef Leo isn't offering up any old usual hotel breakfast, this was just as good as dinner! French toast, Fritatta & the smoothie of the day the perfect meal to get you going.


The hotel offers yoga on the terrace at 9am and they also had the option to meet in the lobby at 9 to head off for a group hike. Although our favorite perk was to head to the beach where the hotel will set you up with chairs, a picnic and an extra-large umbrella to enjoy the amazing beaches of laguna.

All in all, if you get the chance to stay at the very special Hotel Joaquin, don’t pass it up.

What is sea glass?

Sea glass is a stunning combination of nature and man. It is formed from bottles, jars and glass that have been tossed out to sea, then tumbled by the ocean to create gems of all different colors that will eventually wash up onto shore. Unlike traditional gems, sea glass is made in reverse as it is originally made by man and transformed into smoothed out frosted glass worn by the waves.

At Our Boat House, we love to incorporate sea glass into home decor. Whether it's adding sea glass aquas, blue and greens through throw pillows, wall decor or our best selling sea glass balls. These coastal hues evoke a serenity that can only be found by the sea. 

How long does it take for sea glass to be formed?

It usually takes up to 20-40 years for sea glass to transform into the characterized shape, texture and color. The slickness of the glass will eventually wear away and the sharp edges will become rounded after many years of being tumbled in the ocean waves.

Where does sea glass come from?

Most sea glass originates from bottles but can also be from glass jars, pottery, windshields or windows, the source of origin determines the color of the sea glass. Most common or brown, green, white and clear. The less common colors include jade, amber, blue, light green and the rarest is orange or red.

Sea glass is becoming increasingly less popular due to all of the plastics we use and the recycling of glass/aluminum. Now that society is more contentious of mother earth and the ocean it’s becoming hard to find a beach scattered with sea glass.

Are there different types of sea glass?

Every single piece of sea glass is unique to itself, that’s what makes it so special! You can sometimes find bigger pieces like a bottle top of a beer bottle or the bottom round of a bottle.

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