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Coastal shell bracelet DIY

A simple nautical DIY that you can wear with anything. What more could you ask for? It has color, sparkle and sea life.

Coastal bracelet DIY supplies

Supplies you will need for this cool little nautical project:

Coastal shell bracelet DIY supplies

Coastal shell bracelet DIY

The weather is heating up and bright coastal colors are making an appearance. Add a little nautical flair and pop of color to your look with this pretty little seashell bracelet DIY.

Photo credits & DIY link:

Shell bracelet  by Galm Bistro DIY

Sailors Valentine DIY

Sailors valentine

Try your hand at an age old coastal tradition, the Sailors Valentine. Purchase a kit or try it on your own design for a unique, one of a kind coastal valentine.




Cardboard Box- Octagon shape is classic Sailor's Valentine but any shape you like will work

Picture Hanging Hooks

The secret to a creating a nautical sailors valentine are repetition and symmetry. Most of the space in your sailor's valentine will be taken up with shells of similar shape and size but of course you be able to highlight special seashells or seashore treasures that remind you of a beach vacation you and your loved one took.

Using any type of glue , lay out a design with your seashells, radial symmetry is a good choice if you’re using the traditional octagonal base. Traditional sailors valentines cover all the available space with shells, filling all the spaces and even layering them for a special effect.You can even  sketch out a design right on the cardboard before you glue on your seashells.

After your design is complete, set your sailors valentine aside for at least 24 hours so that the glue can fully cure.

 Once the shells are dry turn over the valentine and write a note on the back. Maybe mention the beach vacation you found the seashells on or a romantic note.

 Your sailors valentine can be hung on the wall if you like by using picture hanging hardware. Or you can opt to sit yours on the table.

Sailors Valentine Kit

Photo credit & DIY link:

Sailors Valentine DIY

Sailors Valentine kit

Whale sailors valentine

Aqua sailors valentine

Coastal gift wrapping with shells and burlap

1. White paper with burlap ribbon tape, sea shells and evergreen branch

Coastal driftwood and feather wrap

2. Brown paper, driftwood, doillies and feathers

Stocking gift wrap

3. Brown paper with a sock filled with candy

Coastal map gift wrap

4. Coastal map gift wrap with seashells

Fabric wrap gifts

5. Fabric wrap gifts

Nautical navy and berries

6. Nautical navy and berries gift wrap

Red string and greenery

7. A simple red bakers string with a branch can be the prettiest wrapping this holiday season

Coastal gift wrap

8. Twine & sea shells

Nautical gift wrap

9. Nautical natural gift wrap

Nautical gift tags

10. Handmade nautical gift tags can make any package coastal chic.

Make your own creative coastal gift wrappings with these 10 ideas. Coastal holiday gift wrap ideas that will make all your presents extra special.

Photo credits:

Natural seaside gift wrapping

Coastal gift wrapped in a map

Nautical navy with berries gift wrap

Brown paper, seashells and evergreen branch

Brown paper with stocking filled with candy

Fabric wrapped gifts

Fabric gift wrap DIY link

Beachcomber gift wrap

Nautical beachy gift tags

Seashells and twin gift wrap

Seashells and burlap wrap

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