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Coastal blue and white bedroom

Blue and white coastal bedroom with blue and white ikat print bedding and a denim stripe area rug.

Modern coastal blue and white living room with slipcover sofa

Coastal modern beach house living room with crisp white slipcover sofa and blue and white sea inspired throw pillows.

Blue and white coastal sun room with hanging lantern

This sun room is filled with natural light and blue and white stripes. The blue striped awning shades, hanging nautical lantern and seat cushions give this space a coastal cottage design.

Nautical blue and white slipcover living room

Nautical blue slipcover sofas and slipcover slue and white club chairs create a super comfy coastal design. This living room makes you want to curl up by the fire.

Beautiful and inspiring blue and white coastal interiors. Slipcover blue and white coastal design we know you will love.


Blue and White Coastal Bedroom

Coastal Beach House Blue And White Living Room

 Blue And White Sun Room 

Nautical Blue And White Coastal Slipcover Living Room

Pom Pom Picnic Blanket DIY to get you beach ready. Try this DIY to give your summer picnic a little coatsal color.

Pom Pom Picnic Blanket DIY

TOTAL TIME: 60-90 Minutes

Pom Pom Picnic Blanket DIY Materials


2 Yards of 60" wide (or wider) Terrycloth, Microfiber or Other Absorbent Fabric
6 Yards of Double Fold Bias Tape (If you choose a fabric that frays)
5 1/2 Yards of Each Trim of Your Choice (We chose fringe and two pom pom trims)
Yarn in Colors of Your Choice
Pom Pom Maker
Fabric Glue
Jumbo/Yarn Needle
Pencil or chalk


1. First you'll need to make a "compass" so you can draw your circle shape. Cut a piece of yarn 30" long and tie one end to your glue bottle and one end to your pencil/chalk.
2. Fold your fabric in half, good sides together. Hold the glue bottle on the center of the fold and, with the yarn fully extended, draw a half circle on your fabric with the pencil. The half circle should hit the fold on both ends.
3. Cut out the half circle through both layers of fabric and unfold... there's your circle!
4. If you're chosen a fabric that frays, you'll need to glue double fold bias tape over the entire edge of the circle. (We used microfiber and it was not necessary)
5. Follow the instructions that come with your pom pom maker to make the larger pom poms, if desired. To make multi-colored ones like I did, just continue adding different sections of color in "blocks" as you go.
6. Thread the yarn that you've tied the pom pom with through the needle and stitch onto the blanket. Or, if you prefer, you could also glue these straight onto the fabric and trim the excess yarn. We placed ours about one foot apart.
5. Then you're ready to add your trim! Glue the trim along the edge of your fabric (over the bias tape, if you've used it and over where the pom poms are attached) in small sections at a time. We started with fringe, than added pom pom trim.
6. Let dry completely and you're ready to go!

DIY Credit:

Pom Pom Picnic Blanket by Studio DIY

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