10 Ways to survive the holidays

The Norman Rockwell holidays with the family stressing you out, let us give you some advice to make life a little easier.

Norman Rockwell holiday

1. Jump start on food. Get ahead with your holiday meals with as many make-ahead dishes as you can.  Start the main cooking early to make sure everything's done early to give you some quality time with your family.

Aunt Edna drank too much and brought last years uneaten fruit cake as a gift. No worries, we have some sound advice to get you through it.

Coastal holiday survival

2. What matters. Use the season to remind yourself of the things in life that matter to you.  Savor those moments away from technology enjoying the simple family time together.

3. Be realistic. There’s something in the air this time of year that turns us into super men and women. Or at least makes us think we are. . If you count on everything running smoothly, get ready for disappointment. It’s better to have expectancy – which means we have no idea what’s going to happen, but we approach the day as an adventure. That doesn’t mean it’ll be perfect, but we’ll be ready for the surprises.

Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving

4. Set boundaries. It’s better to decide ahead of time what boundaries we need to enjoy the day. If we work best in the kitchen alone, we don’t want to wait until we’re frustrated at the crowd that gathers.

5. Ask for help. If we’re hosting the event, it’s easy to get irritated when everyone disappears to watch football while you’re left cleaning up the mess. It’s OK to ask for help.

ugly sweaters

6. Make room for everyone. We all have an oddball relative, but at the holidays, you should make everybody feel welcome.

7. Be organized. Organization that needs to happen in order for things to run as smooth as they can. Have a plan and be prepared to change it.

8. Keep it simple. Elaborate menus, too many activities and little flexibility can make a disaster of a holiday. Everyone needs space to do their own thing, let activities naturally evolve.

9. Have FUN. Lighthearted fun will go a long way on a stressful day.

10. Family first. Most important reason you gather is to be a family. Put aside the grudges and show some love.

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Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving

Keep Calm Holiday


Ugly sweaters


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