About Slipcovered Furniture: Style & Design, Slipcover Fabric Options, Products Types, & More

Slipcovered furniture is classic and timeless which is why classic slipcovered furniture continues to be in high demand anywhere “relaxed” coastal style living exists. With several styles and themes to choose from, it’s no surprise why there are so many slipcovered collections and types of products available, and with so many designer fabric options to choose from. Find the perfect balance of both beauty and comfort with designer slipcovered sofas, chairs and other furniture pieces. But, first, take a look into the many styles and designs of what it means to be “slipcovered”. Our Boat House prides itself in the professional expertise for each slipcovered sofa, chair, headboard or other product sold, which is why we’ve outlined some common questions and concerns about slipcovered fabric products.

What is Slipcovered Furniture?

Slipcovered Furniture never goes out of style - it combines both traditional and modern furniture products made with a muslin base that is draped with a fitting slipcover made out of a variety of fabric options that is specifically cut and sewn to perfectly fit the frame. The fabrics available for the slipcover are materials made from cotton, canvas, linen, denim, sunbrella and more to provide a wide range of choices to create your own look of casual comfort in a relaxed eloquent style. Fabric slipcovered sofas, chairs, and other furniture have evolved to not only provide ideal comfort, but to deliver several benefits.

Coastal Slipcovered Furniture

Benefits of Slipcovered Furniture

  • Easy Care & Cleaning

  • Endless Styles & Designs

  • Custom Fabric Options

  • Unmatched Comfort

  • Sunroom & Outdoor Capable

  • Surprisingly Affordable

Easy Care & Cleaning:

The biggest benefit of having slipcovered furniture other than the classic, timeless style is the fact that the slipcovers can easily be removed and washed. Our cottons and many other fabrics are pre-washed so you don’t have to worry about shrinkage when washing in your home washing machine. We recommend taking the slipcovers out of the dryer while still damp and placing them on the furniture to have the best end result. The slipcovers can also be professionally laundered. Sunbrella/Outdura fabrics are made of acrylic and are both stain and fade resistant. In the past these fabrics were saved for outdoor furniture but the quality and softness has made them a top choice for indoor slipcovered furniture for a busy household. Some fabrics require professional cleaning and/or dry cleaning determined by the content and whether it is pre-washed. So when selecting the fabric be sure to keep these factors in mind. Many of our customers buy two slipcovers at the initial purchase which makes it easy to take one set off and have another fresh set to put on. We offer a special discount when ordering a second slipcover with the initial slipcovered furniture purchase to allow our customers easy care and also an option for different color or fabric for seasonal changes.

Endless Styles & Designs

There are endless styles and designs of slipcovered furniture. Slipcoverd furniture has a variety of options to choose from. The size, height and angle of the arm, the depth and height of the sofa, the style and type of cushions and the fit of the slipcover. The arm height, size and angle is a personal preference based on style and feel. The depth and height of the slipcovered furniture is selected based on the customers height and the foreseen use of the sofa. The type of cushions can be either standard high density foam which is comfortable and holds it’s shape, down cushions which are made of high density foam surrounded with a duvet casing filled with down or some collections have an extra firm cushion to accommodate customers with back issues. The cushion options are whether there are two or three cushions, whether they are straight cushions, t-cushion or bench seat cushion. The back cushion options are box back, rounded back or throw pillows. The fit of the slipcover is more about the style the more fitted is cleaner and simpler whereas the looser fit has a more “shabby chic” look. In between the two is most popular and will never look dated. The most popular that is tried and true to coastal style is the classic rolled arm slipcovered furniture covered in a warm white duck cotton slipcover with eco-down cushions. The next most popular is the track arm in a bleached white denim slipcover which again has the same variations to pick from as listed above based on the customers style and needs.

Custom Fabric Options

Any of our slipcovered furniture can be customized and order with C.O.M (customer owned material) Typically this raises the cost significantly but it allows for the customer to customize their own piece of slipcovered furniture that will likely never be seen elsewhere.

Unmatched Comfort

Slipcovered furniture was made for comfort with relaxed coastal living in mind - bathing suits, sandy feet and wet dogs welcome. Washable slipcovered furniture is kid and pet friendly making it stress free and a joy to live with. The classic rolled arm slipcovered sofa is the perfect place to curl up for an afternoon nap, read a book and can also serve as a great spare bed for guests.

Sunroom & Outdoor Capable

The trend is to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out, making your home much larger and a great place for entertaining and gatherings. Indoors - slipcovered furniture can be done in denim cottons for easy use or sunbrella fabric for higher traffic homes. Outdoors and sunrooms can be furnished to look like another entire living area with slipcovered furniture made for the elements. Outdoor slipcovered furniture allows for water to run through the cushions and frame, the cushions are made to withstand mold and mildew and slipcovers are made from durable stain and fade resistant fabrics.

Surprisingly Affordable

Slipcovered furniture is surprisingly affordable. The variety of styles, fabrics and cushions offers a wide range of pricing option that can be customized to fit any budget. The beauty of purchasing slipcovered furniture is the fact that the base furniture itself can last a lifetime and when the slipcover gets worn or stained you can simply order a new slipcover that will fit just as beautifully as the first one and you basically will have brand new furniture. Most collections of slipcovered furniture maintains an archive of the slipcover pattern so even if a collection is discontinued you will always be able to order a new slipcover. Replacement cushions are also an option to order if and when need be.

About Slipcovered Fabric:

Slipcovered Furniture can be manufactured in a variety of fabric types. The most popular fabric for the slipcovers are cotton, linen and sunbrella.

  • Denim slipcovered furniture fabric: Denim is the most popular fabric for slipcovered furniture. Denim is heavier in weight making it extremely durable, comfortable and washable. Denim slipcovers are like a pair of jeans the more you wash them the more comfortable they get. Denim is available in white, natural and blue denim.

  • Cotton slipcover fabric: 100% cotton is also a very popular fabric for slipcovers. Pre-Washed cotton doesn’t shrink, it is very comfortable to the touch and is easy to clean.

  • Sunbrella Sofa: Acrylic fabric made to withstand outdoor elements has become a top choice for indoors for homes with heavy traffic. The fabric is both fade and stain resistant while still being soft and comfortable making it a great choice.

  • Linen slipcovered furniture fabric: Pre-washed linens are the best option when you want that relaxed California look. Linen slipcovers have a beautiful way of covering the frame effortlessly with a natural flow and still user friendly and washable.

  • Outdoor / pet friendly slipcover fabric - Sunbrella, Outdura and High Performance fabrics are all great choices when it comes to outdoor and kid and pet friendly slipcover fabrics. These are all the best when easy care is of the utmost importance.

  • Plaid slipcover fabric: Plaids slipcovers are most popular for lake houses or houses in the mountains

  • Velvet slipcover fabric: Velvet fabric slipcovers are the perfect choice for the cold winter months as it is heavier than the other fabrics, soft, luxurious and elegant in appearance just perfect for the holiday seasons.

Slipcovered Fabric Colors:

By far the most popular color for slipcovered furniture is white. There are many variations of white to select from and you can’t go wrong with anyone - whether it be a warm white or a bleached white or somewhere in between. Next most popular are neutrals-linen and natural followed by a variety of blues from a warm coastal palette to a navy to bring in a touch of nautical.

Popular Slipcover Fabric Colors:

  • Whites

  • Neutrals

  • Blues

  • Greys

  • Reds

What's the Difference Between Furniture Slipcovers vs. Slipcovered Furniture?

There is no comparison in furniture that is manufactured with slipcovers made for the frame to furniture that is upholstered and a generic slipcover is bought to cover the sofa. We have requests constantly from customers who have furniture that is close to our furniture dimension to sell them slipcovers only for their furniture. The answer is alway a no. The reason is that a professional slipcover is made to fit a specific frame and it will never look right on a frame that varies in any way. We highly recommend that if you want slipcovered furniture you buy from a manufacturer that builds the frame and makes the slipcover to fit and keeps the pattern so that you can always buy replacement slipcovers in the future making your purchase a wise investment. If you are set on slipcovering furniture that is not manufactured for slipcovers the only option in our professional opinion is to hire a local seamstress to custom make the slipcover. Typically the cost is not much less than buying a new slipcovered piece which you can easily get new slipcovers in the future so in the end a better investment. What about Fabric Slipcovers? Furniture covers such as sofas slipcovered from generic slipcovers really don’t compare to actual designer slipcovered fabric cushions. Having to “tuck-in the sofa” every time you get up can quickly become old and tiresome. Additionally, the lower quality fabric, that allows it to be affordable, will start to fade and show signs or wear.

Slipcovered Sofa Reviews

There are many pros to purchasing a slipcovered sofa. There is a wide range of style, shapes and sizes making it a possibility for every home. The fabric options for the slipcover is endless, the slipcover can be easily removed for washing and can also be replaced in the future for half the cost. Slipcovered furniture is classic and timeless never looking dated or trendy so no need to replace for many years. The look and feel of slipcovered furniture is relaxing, welcoming and simply makes you feel good and inviting to your guests. There is a place for upholstered sofas. A customer who has few visitors and never wants to be bothered with tucking a slipcover or removing a slipcover to be washed and would rather call in and pay a professional cleaner to hopefully successfully clean the sofa. Customer reviews of slipcovered sofas are most always about the comfort, durability and ease of care. In order to select the best slipcovered sofa be sure to pay attention to these details as well as where they are manufactured and if they are eco-friendly. Manufacturers in the U.S.A. are held to very high standards.

Slipcovered Furniture Themes & Styles:

Slipcovered style furniture is so versatile in style, shapes and sizes and it can fit many different themes. So whatever your space is there is a place for slipcovered furniture. There are several slipcovered themes and styles to choose from:

  • Apartment / Small

  • Shabby Chic

  • Cottage

  • Modern

  • Classic / Traditional

  • Outdoor

Apartment / Small

In many cases a slim track arm slipcovered sofa is perfect for apartment style living. It gives a stylish look in a small space while offering comfort and versatility. It also keeps the space feeling light and airy.

Apartment Style Slipcovered Furniture

Shabby Chic

Slipcovered furniture is the essence of “shabby chic”. Relaxed, cozy, eclectic yet stylish and it is the best element for creating a home that is warm, welcoming and makes you want to cuddle up and never leave your spot on your favorite slipcovered sofa.

Shabby Chic Slipcovered Sofa


A cozy slipcovered sofa is a must have to add to your collection of coastal cottage furniture. It is the center point of the home. Every great cottage exudes the feeling of family gatherings, history and relaxation. There is no better way than to start with the most important piece - a comfy, down filled, white, oversized slipcovered sofa.

Slipcovered Cottage Style


Who said slipcovered sofas aren’t modern? Our South Beach collection offers modern slipcovered sofas and other contemporary coastal furniture. Modern is about clean lines and simplicity. The South Beach Slipcovered sofa is low and luxe modern with exposed square polished stainless steel legs. It is the perfect choice for the modern home while still being great for stretching out or providing seating for several.

Modern Slipcovered Furniture

Classic / Traditional

Even with the many different styles of slipcovered furniture, it always remains classic, timeless and never trendy. Slipcovered furniture can also be traditional but in a way that is not dated and old world as traditional can many times be. It can be mixed with other pieces, and works well with dark woods, antiques or weathered woods making it the best option for both classic and traditional living spaces.

Classic Slipcovered Furniture


The trend is to bring the outdoors in and by adding slipcovered outdoor furniture to your outdoor space you are creating an extension of your home. Outdoor slipcovered furniture is made to withstand harsh elements and has fabric that is both stain and fade resistant.

Outdoor Slipcovered Furniture

Slipcovered Furniture Collections:

We have several slipcovered furniture collections to choose from. Each collection offers something unique and special from the other. All collection are manufactured in the U.S.A and support quality manufacturing, exceptional customer service while keeping the environment in mind. We are here to help you decide which collection is right for you simply call us today!

  • Oceanside Collection

  • Harborside Collection

  • Island Collection

  • Seaside Collection

Types of Slipcovered Products: Slipcovered Sofas, Chairs, Benches, Beds, Ottomans and more

In the past slipcovered furniture was limited to dining chairs, sofas and swivel gliders. Today the functionality, style and versatility has expanded the slipcovered look to many different types of furniture. Today you can find slipcovered furniture in every room of the house including outdoors living spaces.

  • Slipcovered Sofas & Sectionals

  • Slipcovered Chairs & Chaises

  • Slipcovered Benches & Ottomans

  • Slipcovered Beds & Headboards

  • Outdoor Slipcovered Furniture

Slipcovered Sofas & Sectionals

Slipcovered sofas and sectionals are the perfect focal point in every living room where family and friends gather to relax and enjoy time together. Slipcovered sectional sofas are commonly used in great rooms and media rooms as they offer the most seating. Sectionals can be configured in many different ways and can be built to fit the space of any size room. One of our favorite features of the slipcovered sectional is the addition of a chaise on one end or even both ends of the sectional so you can put your feet up and really relax. Some prefer slipcovered sofas over the sectional as the corner seat with the arm is a favorite spot and two sofas allow for a table in between. Whatever your preference we are here to assist in designing the best configuration for your space and your lifestyle.

Slipcovered Chairs, Swivel Gliders & Chaises

Slipcovered chairs, such as swivel gliders and chaises and armchairs can be incorporated in every room of the house. The variety of sizes, styles and fabric options make them a great option for the living room, master bedroom or even the office. Slipcovered swivel gliders are most popular and perfect for a sitting area in groups of four or as a single in the nursery. The oversized slipcovered chaise is an all time favorite and the best seat of the house perfect for lounging and watching TV or snuggling up to read a book and room enough for two!

Slipcovered Benches & Ottomans

Benches and slipcovered ottomans are great for optimizing seating at a dining table and also popular for an entry where you can sit to remove shoes. Slipcovered ottomans are available in many sizes and shapes and can even serve as storage. A slipcovered ottoman is a must have with a swivel glider to put your feet up and can also be used as a coffee table with a decorative tray as a style statement.

Slipcovered Ottoman with Sofa

Slipcovered Beds & Headboards

Slipcovered beds and headboards offer a great alternative to the traditional hard wood headboard and footboard. The underlying base is soft and covered in muslim offering a comfortable place to sit up and lean against. The decorative slipcover can be made in a fabric of your choice bringing your style and color or keep it simple with our most popular whites in linen or cotton.

Slipcovered Beds

Outdoor Slipcovered Furniture

Aesthetics of your outdoor spaces is becoming as important, if not more important than that of your indoor space. It’s proven that spending time outdoors with nature is good for your health. Why not make this area as special as the indoors? Outdoor slipcovered furniture is the perfect answer to accomplish this goal. The options are endless in size, configuration, style and color. Outdoor slipcovered furniture is extremely comfortable, made to withstand the elements and creates a welcoming environment that you and your guests will want to relax and enjoy.

Outdoor Slipcovered Furniture

The trend is definitely to make your outside an extension of your homes living space. Outdoor slipcovered furniture is the best way to make you outdoor space feel like a an indoor living room outside. Outdoor slipcovered furniture is made to be resistant to mold and mildew with cushions that allow for water to easily flow and drain. The furniture is easily cleaned with soap and water and/or pressure washing as needed depending on the exposure and elements. The options in size, style and color are endless. Let us help you to design the perfect use of your outdoor space and we promise you will enjoy for many years to come.

Slipcover Furniture by Room: Living Room, Dining, Bedroom and Office

Today slipcovered furniture can be found in every room of the house as it is available in many styles, shapes, sizes and fabric choices. Slipcovered furniture is available in sofas, sectionals, lounge chairs, swivel gliders, dining chairs, bar stools, counter stools, chaises, beds, outdoor furniture, ottomans and benches making the options for every room endless.

Slipcovered Living Room Furniture

The living room is the most important room in the house. It is the room that many times defines the home. If you want your living room to be comfortable, warm, welcoming and the same time a style that is classic and timeless you will want to have your most important pieces in the room be slipcovered furniture. Whether you go with two slipcovered sofas or slipcovered sectional either pairs well with one or two slipcovered swivel gliders or an oversized slipcovered chaise. Any of these configurations will offer plenty of comfortable seating and a look that will never be dated. Slipcovered furniture is also worry free as the slipcovers can be easily removed for washing and can also be replaced anytime in the future making slipcovered furniture the best investment for every living room.

Slipcovered Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is a special room. It is where families and friends gather to share a meals and conversations. Slipcovered dining chairs are comfortable and can be both arm chairs and side chairs and fabrics can be mixed and matched to create an interesting stylish dining experience. Many times the heads of the table are done with arm chairs in a different slipcover fabric color than are the side chairs. Another alternative is to have one side done in a slipcovered bench which keeps the space open and airy and provides for more seating than side chairs. Perfect solution for kids with lot’s of friends. Slipcovered bar stools and counter stools are also a great way to add comfort, color and coastal style to the kitchen dining experience.

Slipcovered Dining Room Furniture

Slipcovered Bedroom Furniture

The master bedroom is a place for peace and serenity. A slipcovered bed gives you that feeling. A loose or fitted slipcover in a washed white linen is a favorite for a master bedroom. A white or colorful cotton slipcovered headboard is a favorite for the kids or guest room in every cottage or beach house where you want your kids to have fun and guests to feel welcome.

Slipcovered Beds

Slipcovered Fabric FAQ & Common Questions

Can you wash slipcovered fabric? People who buy slipcovered furniture do so because they want the look, the comfort and equally important is the worry-free lifestyle that it affords. Many slipcovered fabrics are machine washable for this reason. The fabric is pre-washed prior to manufacturing the slipcover so there is no worry about shrinkage. Sunbrella fabrics are also a great option and these fabrics are extremely durable, washable and both stain and fade resistant. There are also many fabrics to choose from that are not washable but can be easily dry cleaned and/or professionally cleaned depending on the fabric content.

Is slipcovered fabric kid friendly? Slipcovered furniture is the perfect choice for a family with children of any age. The ease of removing the slipcovers and laundering makes for no stress living. Let the kids be kids and know that the proper slipcover fabric choice is the key for longevity. Additional slipcovers can also be purchased for about half the price any time in the future for as long as you own the slipcovered furniture.

Does slipcovered furniture wear out or fade? Slipcovered furniture made in the USA is held to a much higher standard than those made overseas. We highly recommend choosing your slipcovered furniture with this in mind. Slipcovered furniture made with hard woods, corner blocks, double doweled and sinuous springs are vital keys in the quality and durability of the furniture. Eco-friendly products are also key factors in the quality and durability of the furniture. The key to comfort is the content and density of the cushion so be sure to understand the type of cushion and it’s contents that you are purchasing. Slipcovers should be made with quality workmanship, reinforced seams and quality fabrics to ensure a long lasting durable product. Products in the made in the USA have strict quality assurance programs in place to ensure the end product is of best quality. The best of fabrics are subject to fading when in a room with sunlight. If sunlight and fading is a concern we would recommend having the slipcover made in an acrylic fabric such as Sunbrella or Outdura.

Can slipcovered furniture go outside? Outdoor slipcovered patio furniture with bright colors withstands both harsh rays from the hot sun and coastal elements from rain and salt water. Strong slipcover fabric such as Sunbrella is constructed with impressive ratings. Outdoor slipcovered furniture is manufactured to withstand the elements, let water drain and built to resist mold and mildew. Simply pressure wash the furniture with slipcover on as needed and the furniture will look brand new.

How to measure slipcovered sofas? Deciding on the size of a slipcovered sofa can be a challenge. The two biggest criteria are the room size and the height of the users. You want to select a sofa size that is scaled properly for the room and is also comfortable and purposeful for the end user. It is best to provide a floor plan with dimensions of the room and have a professional furniture layout done. We provide this service at no cost but if you are a do-it-yourselfer you can do it the old fashion way and tape out the size on the floor with masking tape and try to envision how it will feel and look. As for the size for comfort I would again recommend professional guidance for selecting the right size based on height and planned use to ensure the most comfortable choice. If you have a sofa that you love you can also measure the seat depth, seat height, arm height and back height and pick one that closely fits those dimensions.

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