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You don't have to live by the sea to get a coastal look. With these 10 tips you will feel like you've got the ocean on your doorstep. Capture the essence of the seaside in any space with these coastal design and decorating ideas.

Coastal beach house living room with slipcovered furnishings

1. Slipcover Furnishings. One of the best coastal decor items that will give you the biggest beachy impact is a slipcovered sofa. Nothing says comfy beach house quite like slipcovered furniture.

Coastal beach house living room with jute area rug

2. Natural floors. Natural flooring, such as jute, sea grass and sisal, make great rugs that simulate the sand on the beach instantly giving the space a seaside feel.

Coastal room with driftwood wall art

3. Driftwood.  Beautiful weathered wood strewn along the beach, known as driftwood is seen as a treasure found on the beaches. Adding driftwood into your decor gives the design a coastal collected ambiance. This driftwood wall art is a great example of how to use it in your home.

Coastal living room with blue and white striped area rug

4. Stripes. Blue and white stripes brighten any space while giving it a coastal design found in many beach houses decor. This blue and white stripe area rug is the perfect example of relaxed beach house design.

Seashell collections displayed

5. Seashell Decor.  Seashells are easy to use in your design, they can be placed on a coffee table as an accent or displayed as a collection in a bookcase. There are so many ways to incorporate sea life decor into your home.

Beach house decor with coastal lighting

6. Coastal Lighting, From ship cargo lights to shell chandeliers, coastal lighting can add more than light to your design. A coastal chandelier can add interest to a room with beachy style.

Comfy beach house living room with wicker chairs and weathered wood table

7. Wicker Textures. Wicker gives a relaxed beach feel. Add in a wicker chair or a set of wicker baskets to give your home a relaxed beach house design.

8. Weathered Wood. Just like the textures wicker creates, weathered wood gives a collected and evolved design to your space. This weathered wood Hamptons coffee table is a great example.

Coastal beach house with aqua accents

9. Aqua Accents. There is something about the color aqua that evokes the feeling of cool ocean waters. Bringing in aqua to a space whether on your walls or as an accent will give the space an ocean side vibe. 

10. Coastal Pillows. Soft accents like coastal throw pillows will give a comfy touch to your home while providing some extra seaside design.

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Coastal Beach House Living Room With Slipcovered Furnishings

Coastal Comfy Living Room With Natural Jute Area Rug

Beach House With Driftwood Wall Art

Coastal Living Room With Blue And White Striped Area Rug

Coastal Room with Display of Seashell Collection

Coastal Beach House Design With Coastal Lighting

Coastal Beach House With Wicker Accent Chairs

Aqua Accents and Coastal Throw Pillows 

With summer in full effect,  adding fresh coastal touches to your home is a simple way to reflect the seaside mood. 

Coastal living room with wicker accent chairs

1. WICKER VIBE.  From hanging lights to accent chairs, wicker is summer's favorite material. It adds in texture and natural hues to your coastal space. This beach house living room with wicker accent chairs and coastal sea fan framed art is a great example.

Coastal bedroom with wall hanging drifwood

2. COASTAL ART. Add in some beachy style that screams summertime with a framed ocean print or a seaside treasure like this sea fan. Maybe hang a driftwood specimen or a ship painting to evoke memories of Summer.

Coastal pop of color

3. POP OF COLOR. A pop of color  in your coastal white space can add a touch of summer with ease. Summer is all about bright bold and fun colors. Take a note from Summer by painting hanging coastal lanterns a bright pop of color, check out how it brightens up this beach house kitchen.

Aqua beach house living room

4. AQUA HUES. Ocean blues and aqua hues speak the Summertime language. Hang an aqua beaded chandelier , paint a wall a soft ocean tone or add a throw pillow to an all white slipcover sofa to add that Summer touch.

Blue and white coastal living room

5. BOAT STRIPES.  Coastal blue and white boathouse stripes give a nautical feeling to your space, making us think of sailing the ocean in the Summer breeze. Add your own touch of Summer with a coastal blue and white boat stripe area rug or a striped club chair for the same effect.

Beach house slipcover decor

6. SLIPCOVER LIVING. Coastal white slipcover sofas make us think of big white beach towels hugging you after a dip in the ocean. They give that comfy coastal feel of the Summer. Slipcover furnishings are a casual beachy design that will give your space a Summer feel.

7. ROPE & TEXTURE. Natural textures like rope and jute give a sense of sandy beaches. Add a little beach to your space with a jute area rug or a couple rope lamps for some Summer design.

Coastal dining room with mirror

8. REFLECT THE SUMMER LIGHT.  A great coastal mirror hung in the right spot will spread the Summer sun throughout your space lighting it with that warm glow. A mirror can also give the illusion of a bigger space so it's a win win.

 Basket Of Beach Towels

9. BASKET OF SUMMER. Fill a great wicker basket with fluffy beach towels by the door for grab and go Summer fun.

Coastal Outdoor Living

10. SUMMER LOUNGE. Create an area to take in the sun or just enjoy the coastal breeze outdoors. This outdoor coastal living room with fire table is the perfect design example.

10 ways to add a coastal Summer touch to your living space. Give your beach house a coveted Summer design with these 10 tips.


Coastal Living Room With Wicker Accent Chairs

Coastal Bedroom With Driftwood Wall Hanging

Beach House Kitchen With Painted Hanging Lanterns

Aqua Beach House Living Room

Blue And White Stripe Coastal Living

Slipcover Beach House Furnishings

Coastal Dining Room With Boat Oar Mirror

Outdoor Coastal Living Room With Fire Pit

Coastal beach house kitchen with bras ship cargo lights

1. Brass is in,  nickle gets pushed aside.

Brass is taking over in the design world.  From lighting fixtures to a few small touches like swapping out kitchen cabinet hardware will give your home an on-trend update. This coastal white kitchen with brass cargo ship lights hung over the island is a great example of how to get more likes on Instagram.

Coastal Slipcover Living Room With Weathered Wood Accents

2. Weathered Wood Works.

Reclaimed wood walls and weathered wood furnishings are hot. Infuse your space with reclaimed wood tables, weathered driftwood wall hanging or a great teak coffee table. This coastal living room with slipcover sofa and chairs is complimented beautifully with weathered wood accents and a driftwood coffee table.

3. Rope For Layers Of Interest.

Rope is nautical and rustic, a cool layer of texture that' is a staple in the coastal community. A simple rope accent table or a rope lamp will add the perfect amount of coastal interest to your space.

Coastal Kitchen with chalk backsplash

4. Let's Chalk About It.

Chalkboard paint's popularity has been on the rise for a while and shows no sign of declining. With a paint brush and some chalk paint you can step up your design game in minutes. Painting an interior wall with a few coats of chalkboard paint is an easy, budget-friendly way to turn the everyday into something extraordinary. The backsplash in your coastal kitchen is a fun way to showcase recipes or tonight's dinner menu in style.

Coastal art gallery wall

5. Go For The Gallery Wall.

Put your collections of seashells or coastal art on display with a gallery wall.  Gather up favorite framed pieces  or family memorabilia and decide the placement of the largest items first, then fill in with smaller pieces. It's a fun DIY of sorts that will create a stylish art wall to be envied.

 Navy and White Coastal Stripe Area Rug in Living Room

6. Change To Stripes.

Bold bands stripes are one of those patterns that are classic and work in any style of room for big style impact. You can create this high contrast look with painted stripes on the wall or a great coastal stripe area rug to anchor your space. Another great way is with fabric, bold navy and white stripes on a  slipcover club chair is a crisp clean coastal design that makes a statement. 

7. X Mark's The Spot.

Criss crossed legs of stools, beches and tables can be found all over the chicest design pages.  These coastal X base designs take the design in your space up a notch. Look how great an X base coffee table looks in front of a great coastal sofa.

Coastal Living Room With Vintage Trunk

8. Rock A Collected Look

Trends come and go but antiques are always in style. Pick something you love and showcase it in your space among your modern classic coastal belongings, this will give a collected over time feel and give your design credit due. It's fun to mix grandmas vintage trunk with your comfy brand new slipcover sofa for a great coastal look sure to be shared all over Instgram.

Nautical Beach House Living Room

9. Hats off to Nautical

This beachy-chic look has us dreaming of seaside getaways. Make your space feel like a vacation home by adding a nautical touch. Aqua blue hues mixed with wicker and few nautical touches like anchors, boat oars or seashells will complete your seaside design.

Coastal Lighting

10. Make Your Statement With Lighting.

One of our favorite ways to make a big design impact in a space is with lighting. The perfect coastal chandelier can take a rooms style to designer level, like a cherry on top, it's the finishing touch on any room.

10 design tips to make your coastal home Instagram worthy. Get more likes in life and on Instagram with these tips to update your coastal living.


Coastal Kitchen With Brass Ship Cargo Lights Over Island

Coastal Slipcover Living Room With Weathered Wood Accents

Chalk Backsplash

Coastal Art Gallery Wall

 Navy and White Coastal Stripe Area Rug in Living Room

Coastal Living Room With Vintage Trunk

Nautical Beach House Bedroom

Sea Inspired Coastal Lighting

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